The Probing

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By Jennings Roghelia

It started 5 years after the beginning of the Rebuilding. For 12 years prior to the Rebuilding, nuclear and super weapon warfare raged in Europe and Asia. The leaders making up the United Nations had different ideas of how to make the world peaceful and one large trading community. These disagreements caused the United Nations to be disestablished and broken up. Countries and governments went of on their own, creating whatever they wanted and keeping all their resources for themselves.

For a while things went smoothly, until governments began to run out of resources that they needed to keep their countries running. More power governments started using force to take resources from weaker countries. The world was turning to chaos and violence.

So these United States of America stepped up. My company was known for being the first ones in the fight and the last ones out. We were sent to different bases in Afghanistan and South Korea to bring down the militaries that were destroying other countries that couldn't defend themselves.

I witnessed countries being blown off the map by nuclear bombs and super weapons. My company lost our Major in a mission to disarm a group of rebels in New York who were holding destructive, non-peaceful protests.

Finally after 12 years of heartbreak and violence, the United States along with Great Britain and Japan launched Project Venus, a nuclear warhead developed by top scientists of those three countries, that we hoped would end the war. It ended the war alright, with the expense of destroying most of the Middle East and Russia. Over half of Earth's population died during, what I refer to as, the War to Begin all Wars. Then they came.

("I can't hold them off forever. Hurry up," Eva yelled as Maxwell tossed her another clip to her M249 SAW. I could hear the screaming of the Probed as they surrounded the wrecked C-130J.

"Grab as many crates as you can, then we gotta get out of here," Conner said. I began to pass crates of supplies to Connor, who was placing the crates in the side of our HUMVEE. Stephen jumped through the hole in the side of the plane, holding his M16.

"Anything I can do to help, Donny?" Asked Stephen. I froze and the world turned to a blur. Nobody called me Donny anymore. Not sense the hardest decision of my life.

"You could keep shooting the Probed like Don told you at the beginning of this recovery mission," Connor said, elbowing me, and breaking my silence. The world came back into focus. I threw him a appreciative look and turned to Stephen.

"Go check the cockpit and look for any electronics from the plane that are still intact. Maxwell might be able to use them." I said. Maxwell was a master hacker and used old electronic pieces to make new things that would be useful to our survival. Stephen nodded and made his way up to the cockpit of the plane.

I turned back to the crates and began to push the last one towards Connor when I heard a screech from the cockpit. I whirled around to see Stephen falling back, holding a Probed back from his face. Time seemed to slow down.

The Probed had been the pilot of the ship at one point. I had never seen one this close before. It's skin was greyish green and peeling of the bone. The eyes were rolled up in its head. It was almost like a zombie. As Stephen tried to keep the Probed away from his nose and mouth, I saw something creeping out of the back of the Probed head. A Prober. It was curling around the Probed head trying to reach Stephen's face. Time sped up and I heard one voice.)

"Help!" Cried Stephen, muffled from the Probed fingers on his face. The Probed smashed him into the wall and they both tumbled onto the floor. Stephen had lost grip on the Probed hands and the Probed now had Stephen by the neck, choking him. Stephen was rolling around, trying to get the Probed off, but I could see Stephen was weakening. I had to do something now. I pulled my Glock 19 out of its holster.

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