The Blood that Falls

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    I was in my office late at night. The storm outside was raging on. I couldn't help but feel like something was not quite right. Let me introduce myself. My name is Ms. Megan Hamilton. I am a female detective. Most people disagree with me having this job. They think all I'm good for is baking cookies and waiting on my husband's orders hand and foot. That is what I was raised to believe. But I am so much more than that. And my boss, Mr. Roger Stevenson, believes that too. He says that I'm curious and have a lot of moxie and that he loves that about me. My partner, Stacey Gordon says that HE likes ME. I don't believe that nonsense. I think Mr. Stevenson is more in love with justice than anyone else. I respect that. So reader, here we are. This is where all your nightmares begin...

                                              This nightmarish tale begins, as I said before, in my office. I was looking at all these mass murder cases that were piled on my desk. Stacey was going on about the milkman not giving her milk because she helps out a female detective. "Such backwards thinking some people have, meg." She said, while shaking her head. Stacey had beautiful, flowing golden hair in a beautiful bobbish looking hairstyle and stunning light green eyes. Stacey was my best friend. She moved in with me a few months ago and has since helped me with my detective work. We met when we were just 5 years old. She saved me from a bully and we have since then never fought. 

              "Yes, yes it's true" I said, still keeping my eyes glued to the case file I was reading. I , however, was no Aphrodite. I have dark brown hair that's starting to get longish with warm, brown eyes. "Whatcha reading meg?" Stacey asked, sitting on the desk, scratching my cat, Mr. Fluffy Wiggles, behind the ears. "Just reading the case of the murdered librarian, Mr. Bob Leaflock. Nothing adds up." I said. "His body was so mangled and distorted, like someone was....was..." my voice faltered. I couldn't say it. But Stacey was hanging off the edge of her seat. 

       I built up the courage, then said, "like some of him was eaten." Stacey gasped. Even Mr. Fluffy Wiggle's jaw dropped a bit. "None of this has happened before in this town. Stacey, think hard about this, what have you heard?" Stacey loves to gossip. She can also get the latest news to you with full detail. "OH, OH, OH!!! I know! That big mansion was rebuilt and now a woman and her niece live there. Maybe they know something!" This was perfect news. But if only I knew what I was getting myself in to...

                                      Stacey and I got out our coats and quickly raced over there and knocked on the old purple door. The person that came out to greet us was the opposite of what I was expecting her to be like. I expected a woman who wore all black and was the creepiest thing ever. But she was actually pretty nice. She had mousy red hair and blue gray eyes. She was tiny and plump and had rosy cheeks. "Hello! My name is Samantha Burningham!" she said while shaking our hands. We introduced ourself and sat down for tea.

               Then her niece came in. She was what I was expecting someone to live in that house to look like. She wore all black. She had no facial expression. That's it. It was just blank. She had blue eyes that always sent a chill down your spine. her long black hair covered her face all except for one eye. She looked at me...then grinned. It was the scariest grin a person could ever own on their face.

         She then said, "Hello Megan!". I swear she had sort of a demonic echo in her voice. I think Stacey heard it too, because she dropped her teacup and it shattered all over the floor. I knew we had to leave immediately but I needed to know. "H-hello little girl." i nervously said. "Anyway Mrs. Burningham, we were just wondering if you've seen anything suspicious. We've been asking everybody in town for the past two weeks." I could tell she was thinking hard about this. Finally she said, "No. I guess I haven't." I was disappointed to hear this, but I could feel something there and I knew I'd better get the hell outta there.

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