Chapter 18

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Y/N's pov:

*Buzz* *Buzz*

I woke up to the sound of my notifications going off.

" Who would text at 8 am in the morning... I need to sleep!" I groaned as I got up to take my phone.


You better stay away from the boys.

If not, the boys will be in danger. Mostly, your beloved brother Jinyoung and Woojin :)
You better heed my words. If not the boys will be hurt.

"What on earth.," I mumbled to myself and quickly blocked the person.

How did the person know about Jinyoung? Or even my crush on Woojin?

" Ah, whatever. " I said before throwing myself on the bed.

<Time skip>

*Knock* *Knock*

" Y/N, wake up. Minhyun Hyung made breakfast already. " I heard Guanlin at the door.

I hesitantly got up from my comfy bed and went to wash up.

After I was done, I went down to the kitchen to have my breakfast.

" Good morning. " The boys greeted me when I entered the kitchen, except for Woojin.

I greeted them back and sat at the empty seat next to Jinyoung.

" Sup sis. " Jinyoung ruffled my hair as I sat down on my seat.

" Is it just me or did I just hear Jinyoung calling Y/N sis. " Seongwu asked with a shocked expression.

" Actually, we have something to tell you... We're siblings! " Jinyoung shouted excitedly while the boys' eyes widen in shock.

" What?!" They started freaking out.

We ended up explaining Everything to the boys, from head to toe.

After breakfast, I went to my room but received another notification.

You really don't believe me when I say I'll hurt the boys right? Fine. I'll prove it to you. To make things easier, I'm going to give you a clue on who's my first target.

His name starts with the letter 'J'
See you again in an hour.

The same person texted again.

There are so many boys here whose names start with the letter 'J'. How would I know which one is them!

There are Jisung, Jaehwan, Jihoon and Jinyoung. Aish...Which one is her target?

I got to stop them from leaving the house.

<1 hour later >


Here's your second clue.

The second letter is 'I'

" Y/N... When will you let us go out? You have been keeping us here for the whole day! Did something happen? " Jinyoung asked as he held my hands.

" N-Nothing is wrong. What are you talking about?" I stuttered.

Shit. Why did I stutter?!

" Y/N you stutter when you're lying. We all know that. " Sungwoon said while playing his game.

" Just go back to playing your games." I sighed and walked to my room.

I checked the time on my phone and it was already 8 pm but we haven't eaten dinner yet.

" Y/N! Can we please go out to buy dinner? "
The maknae line pleaded.

It's so late already and nothing has happened. It should be alright if they leave for a short while right..?

" Fine.." I gave in.

The maknae line cheered and quickly dashed out of the house.

<1 hour later>

It has been an hour already but the boys still didn't come back.

I was starting to regret letting the boys go out but suddenly my phone received another notification.


It's your last clue now...

The third letter is 'N'

Prepare to say goodbye...

At that moment, my phone suddenly rang.

" H-Hello?"

" Y/N! Jin-Jinyoung... Jin-Jinyoung he got hit by a car!"

The moment I heard what Jihoon said, I collapsed to the ground.

What have I done...

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