XXXIV: Sine Pace

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Immortals— fallout boy

Sorry for the wait. Life happens, but I promise it was worth it. The original plan was to release a massive amount of chapters all at once. However, the time has not been on my side for reasons both in and out of my control.

This is the first of four chapters (including a steamy one you're welcome) PG or not it should make your heart go thump.

We are getting close to the end and honestly its taking longer than I planned, but in a good way. I will try to get you a new chapter every other day this week, leaving time for editing of each one.

Cornelia observed their interaction in bemusement as Hades rolled his eyes at Zeus' brazen entrance, "you forget yourself." The venom in his voice coated the next two syllables of his sentence, "brother." Cornelia could feel the ripple of his scorn as they made their way around the room. This connection through lineage was not a point of pride and never would be,

"He" Zeus gestured emphatically toward Hercules, "already told you all you need to know," Zeus growled. His voice seethed with ice and venom. "So, you already know that you owe me your life." The cocky grin that followed his statement churned Cornelia's stomach.

"I paid that debt tenfold long ago," Hades' voice remained stoic as the grey mountains that bordered Rome; "but, after all of the things you have done," he drew Cornelia behind him in a symbolic gesture, "you owe me now."

"For what?" Zeus spat and stepped closer in a vain attempt to intimidate Hades. It seemed Hades had done more growing than Cornelia had realized. He took a step toward Zeus unintimidated by his status or ability.

Cornelia felt her nose wrinkle in uncontained fury, screw growing up! "What do you mean 'for what?' You pruney excuse for an ox's balls!" Cornelia felt her chest rise and fall in the embodiment of her hatred for the scoundrel that stood before her. The man that threatened her, entrapped her, sold her, and berated her. He was the reason that bruises still lingered on her soul and froze her body in the throes of nightmares. Her body shook with fury and anxiety at the chilling reminder of his involvement with her late husband.

Hades rested a hand on her shoulder, but his gentle warmth did little to soothe her. "You owe me for just about everything,"

Hades answered aloof of Zeus' condescension. His lips curled as Apollo tightened his grip on the gun, "watch it, Zeus." Cornelia smiled knowing that amongst them that name was more of a curse, and Zeus unaware of how derogatory that statement was.

"You seem to forget whose ship you are on." As the silky words left Hades' mouth a smirk curled his features, and he put two fingers to his lips and two short, loud whistles were produced through the gaps in his fingers.

Cornelia could feel the ship shake in response to Hades' call. Rhythmic mini earthquakes pounded against the metallic hull. Heavy claws scraped and pounded their way closer and closer to the control room, and she smiled, Cerbie. In answer to her thought a loud throaty chorus of growling and snarling sounded from the other side of the corridor. Cerbie's three heads sure put on a hell of a show; she chuckled to herself as her 'guard dog' skittered into view. Zeus spun around in terror as Cerberus' drool hit the floor by his shoes.

Hades moved across the room to the control panel; his voice held intangible darkness that sent chills even down Cornelia's spine. "You were saying?" A manic grin crossed his lips as he changed the position of his hands. Without even looking up from the panel his flat tone echoed through the room. The finality of his next threat was not lost on anyone in the room. "Zeus, with a snap of my fingers this conversation ends."

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