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I don't know anymore

Jeongin knew...he knew seungmin loves jisung and he wasn't happy he felt his heart sinking..breaking into peaces.


What now...

He saw seungmin leaning trying to kiss jisung but...

Why does he want seungmin for him? Why does he feel flustered with him?

But he didn't realize he was tearing until chan said.

"Jeongin...I'll go now..please be careful i know u like seungmin but for now focus on what is your dream bye"

And now jeongin was alone staring at them but luckily jisung backed off and that made him happy.

Oh how he wanted to kiss seungmin right now and tell him he wants him to himself....but jeongin was a coward he was scared.

He was scared to lose seungmin or him not talking to him because he likes jisung and only jisung.

Jeongin thought it was stupid on how he was obsessed with his hyung but also creepy how he stalks him.

(A/n:sorry for people who loves seungmin but it's a story soo?)

Jeongin wanted to bury himself under the ground and never get out of there.

Who would even want to stay and look at your crush being lovey dovey with ur friend?

He just shrugged it off and walked away like he saw nothing.

Maybe I'll ask hyung tomorrow jeongin thought and he was sure about this

Next day at school jeongin was soo sure he saw jisung being clingy to minho could he be falling for him??

He just smiled at them he thought they would make a cute couple and it made him smile how all his hyungs were in a relationship with the one's they love..

Not really since hyunjin crushing on his childhood friend which he never shuts up about her but it made jeongin happy.

Right now jeongin was with chan and woojin..he needed advices from the olders since those two been dating for 3 years maybe they can help jeongin..

"What did you want jeongin-ahh..is something wrong?"

Woojin asked in a motherly tone way.

"I like seungmin...but he doesn't he like jisung hyung and...i don't know how should i confess i never was in a relationship before"

Jeongin said playing with his fingers nervous on what the olders think.

"Tell him the truth be confident and even if you weren't it's fine but all you should do is say the truth"

Chan said smiling at the younger earning a smile from him

"i don't know anymore hyung...could you tell me stories of you two it might help me alittle"

Jeongin said he really wantes it but he knew chan wouldn't shut up but it was alright.

"alright it began on fresh men year of high school..we..."

Jeongin listen to chan carefully laughing and joking about some moments of them..he thought their relationship was soo perfect.

And he was happy for his hyungs to be happy..

But one thing he didn't notice was someone smiling from afar..

Soo jeongin chapter lolz next chapter will be a special chapter about chan and woojin relationship story..

I hope u liked this chapter bye😊

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