chapter 3 morning with the titans

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It was morning you were still asleep you felt some shaking you awake you woke up and you saw robin

Robin:*smiles*good morning y/n

Y/n: gold morning robin

Robin: did you have any nightmares this time

Y/n: nope

Robin: *smiles* good to know let's go into the kitchen

He then put you on this back you smiled and laughed when he did it you both enter the living. Saw everyone was was awake. Cyborg was making breakfast, raven floating in the air which creeped you out and so was starfire, and beastboy is watching tv. Robin sat you down right next to beastboy.

Y/n: good morning beastboy

Beastboy: what's up little dude how did you sleep

Y/n: not so good at first... i had nightmare about my parents but robin let me sleep in his

Beastboy: oh... how do you feel now

Y/n: I feel good

Beastboy: *smile* awesome wanna watch tv with me

Y/n: *smiles* yeah

You two watched tv talked and laugh you didn't ask why his skin was green you felt like that was a personal question you heard cyborg saying that breakfast you he made bacon and eggs beastboy got mad at him for making bacon which made you laugh. You got done eating and went to go talk to raven and starfire.

Starfire *smile* hello friend y/n how have been?

Y/n: good so far

Starfire: glorious

Y/n: hey raven

Raven: hello y/n

Y/n: how's your morning going?

Raven: alright i guess

Y/n: ok

You walked over to cyborg

Cyborg: hey y/n

Y/n: hey cyborg are you and beastboy done fighting?

Cyborg: yeah man bb got so mad he stormed out of here

Y/n: oh where is he?

Cyborg: probably in his room

Y/n: can i go talk to him?

Cyborg: sure his name on his door

Y/n: ok

You into the hallway and you saw beastboy when you walked up to it the door opened on it's own you saw his room and looked messy clothes all over the floor and you saw beastboy reading a comic book.

Beastboy: y/n what is it?

Y/n: I was just seeing if you were alright

Beastboy: I'm find but cyborg keeps cooking things things meat and I'm a vegetarian

Y/n: I'm sorry beastboy but I'm sure cyborg didn't mean to make you angry

Beastboy: it's not you're fault and yeah I guess he didn't mean to *hugs you* thanks y/n

Y/n: you're welcome

He let's go of you and walk back to the living room with you. You could help feel like these guys felt like family.

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