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Nahmir: What the fuck is up yall?!?! So today we finna do the fuckin spicy noodle shit yall requested. This shit better be fake spicy cause ian got time for this shit. What bout you?

Jas: Honestly i think i can handle it. Thats yo pussy ass thats over here complainin with yo gay ass

Nahmir: Bro quit playin with me. Anyways we already got the noodles boiled

Jas: Now all we gotta do is put the fuckin sauce in it. And since Nahmir pussy ass complainin we puttin saracha sauce in it too

Nahmir: Bruhh nooo you got shit fucked up. Hell naw ion know how you got that idea but you aint puttin that shit in mine

Jas: Shut up pussy

*Nahmir grabs her throat*

Nahmir: Say that shit again

Jas: P U S S Y pussy

*Nahmir licks the side of Jas's face and Jas plucks Nahmir on the head*

Jas: Ew bitch what the fuck

Nahmir: Well stop callin me a pussy

Jas: Anyways enough of that, me and pussy finna put the shit in the noodles

*They put the sauce and saracha in the noodles and mixed it up*

Nahmir: Aw hell naw this shit red. I know my shit finna be burnin

Jas: *laughs* Boi too much information nasty ass. Anyways whoever finish first or eat the most wins. Alright lets go

*Nahmir and Jas take a bite*

Jas: It aint hot yet maybe i gotta eat more cause i only ate one bite. But Nahmir over her huffin and puffin and shit cause he tryna win *laughs*

Nahmir: Girl *huff* this shit hot i done took like foe bites and im already bout to give up

*Jas takes six more bites and nahmir 2*

Jas: OH SHIT goddamn this shit hot

Nahmir: I told yo ass *huff*

Jas: Boy shutup *huff*  i got more ate then you

Nahmir: Well you won cause i give the fuck up *huff*. What the fuck can stop the burnin?

Jas: It say milk and *huff* and chocolate

Nahmir: Well bring me a shit load of *huff* muthafuckin chocolate hurry up

*End of the video. Both of their mouths has cooled down*

Nahmir: Well yall this is the end of the fuckin video. I aint EVER doin this shit again. What bout you?

Jas: I mean i probably would cause they good as fuck but they very hot

Nahmir: Yeah they is good though but never WILL I EVER do THIS shit ever-a-fuckin-gain

Jas: *laughs* Well yeah this the end of the video. We dont know when we'll post so we'll do it whenever the fuck we want to. Subscribe and Peace muthafuckers!


Damn they say fuck a lot

This funny as shit

They funny

Bestfriend goals

Oop he choked her uh-oh

Im dead asf

Why he choke her in such a sexual manner

I ship it hard




Are yall sure yall dont date

Suspect couple

Eww he licked her face

The way she kept callin him pussy im dead


Omfg couple goals

Yall need to get together

Omg awww the way they look at each other

They arent funny at all


They are hilarious

Omg shes so pretty

He fine asf





They cuss too much

"P U S S Y pussy" im dead she bold asf




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