Chapter 14

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Harry opened his eyes slowly, groaning when he felt the hangover. How much alcohol did he have last night?

His eyes widened when he felt someone stirring underneath him.

Was he so drunk that he hooked up with someone? He didn't remember bringing anyone to his room...It was his room, right? He blinked and then stared at the 1975's poster on the wall—it was definitely his room.

He squeezed his eyes shut, he didn't want to know who he hooked up with last night.

Oh my god, that's so embarrassing! He couldn't remember anything!

His heart was pounding in his chest. He knew he would get very handsy and crazy when he was drunk but he never hooked up with anyone, he knew that for sure. His friends were always there to take care of him before anything could happen—one of the reasons he loved/hated his friends.

But, he didn't feel any discomfort or soreness in his bottom, he just felt a terrible headache.

He frowned and looked under the sheets, he was still in his clothes!

Harry sighed in relief.

So they just slept in the same bed and didn't do anything.

He slowly sat up and yawned. He rubbed his sleepy eyes and then looked down at the person who shared the bed with him last night.

He let out a laugh and couldn't stop giggling when he saw the person's face—scarlet lipstick marks all over Zayn's gorgeous face.

Harry's laughter disturbed Zayn's beauty sleep and he opened his eyes. He frowned when he saw Harry holding his stomach and laughing with tears in his eyes.

"Um, are you alright, Harry?" Zayn was confused and couldn't help but worry about Harry's wellbeing.

Harry shook his head and then nodded, trying to calm down and withhold his laughter.

"Are you still drunk?" Zayn asked.

"No. I-" Harry let out a giggle. "Your face!"

Zayn frowned and touched his cheeks, "What?"

"You are covered in lipstick marks!" Harry giggled.

Zayn blushed when last night's memory flooded back to him.

"A fantastic night, huh? So..." Harry wiggled his eyebrows as he teased Zayn, "Who's the feisty girl?"

Zayn's heart fluttered as he murmured, "No one."

"Oh, come on, Zee! We're besties!" Harry whined, curiosity getting better of him. "Is she pretty? What's her name? Maybe I know her!"

"I-I don't remember her name." Zayn stuttered and looked anywhere but at Harry. "And, yes, she's pretty."

"Do I know her? What does she look like?"

"I don't remember anything, I was too drunk." Zayn lied, hoping Harry would buy it. "Umm, c-can I used your bathroom?"

Harry pouted his lips, slightly disappointed that he didn't get the information to feed his curiosity. He nodded nonetheless and watched Zayn stumble to the bathroom with narrowed eyes.

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