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bhadbhabie, kendalljenner and 356,136 othersbabvy

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bhadbhabie, kendalljenner and 356,136 others
babvy.jasx: what challenge should we do for our first youtube video?
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User1: spicy noodles

User2: truth or dare

User3: chapstick😋

ybnnahmir: i think we should do spicy noodles challenge🤤😻

bhadbhabie: guess their age😍

luzbavbe: mouth guard😍

twinszz: spicy noodles😣

ybnmanny: spicy noodles😥

User4: spicy noodles

User5: guess age

User6: chapstick

User7: spicy noodle

User8: whisper challenge

User9: Q&A

User10: chapstick

evrybodyluvari: spicy noodles😍

ybnglizzy: spicy noodles

asiandoll: spicy noodles

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