Part 10

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Khushi's eyes widened as he stressed on "OUR". She didn't realize when her face started turning crimson red. Arnav loved to see her like that. But then her face fell on seeing Lavanya talking over the phone.

What the hell were you thinking Khushi? He is not yours anymore.

Her inner self reminded her.

"What are you thinking? " Arnav asked huskily.

Khushi came out of her thoughts and looked at him.

"Why do you want me to come along with you to choose the ring? And how will you know her finger's size? I think you should take Lavanyaji" Khushi said.

Arnav folded his hands.

"Did anyone ask your suggestion? Can you not do anything without arguing with me? I told you right, you should not stay away from me. Staying away from me you have learnt so many bad habits like arguing with me, denying food. " Arnav said with a mischievous smile.

Khushi flared her nose seeing him smirk. He was flirting again. What was wrong with him?

"It's useless to talk to you" she murmured.

Arnav smirked more. Once she was done eating, he grabbed her hand and took her along with him.

"What are you doing? I am not your wife anymore that you can hold my hand and take me anywhere" She said angrily.

"Ohh, is it? Fine my dear wedding planner" he said and lifted her in his arms.

"Leave me" she struggled in his hold.

"Stop swimming in air, you asked me not to hold your hand and I obeyed you. Now stop fussing" he winked his eyes, making her frustrated.


"Shyamji, I am so happy today. We will be moving on to our new house, where we will be starting our family. Hamari choti si duniya(our small world) "

Shyam was gritting his teeth Wren Anjali expressed her happiness.

"Why are you so happy? " he asked.

Anjali was flabbergasted by the way he asked that. She kept her hand on his shoulder.

"What happened Shyamji? " she asked, a bit concerned.

"Rani Sahiba, don't you think Saale saheb has taken a wrong decision? I mean, you are going to be a mother very soon. In Shantivan there are many people to look after you, but in our home it will be only us. I will be out of home for work, and then there will be no one to look after you. And how can we leave our family and stay separately? What about Naniji? She needs us at this age" he tried to explain Anjali.

"I don't think it will be difficult Shyamji. Mamiji will be staying with us till my delivery. And regarding Naniji, there are many people to look after her. And we will be visiting Shantivan often. Stop worrying" Anjali said, resting her head on his shoulder.

"But Rani Sahiba, I can't give you a luxurious home like this. I can't afford.. " Anjali stopped him in between.

"I want your love and support Shyamji, not your money. I do not want a luxurious home or a silver plate. I can adjust with whatever my husband can afford for me, for us" Anjali said, cupping his face.

Shyam faked a smile. Anjali hugged him.

You might not have a problem, but I definitely have a lot of problem. How will I get this luxury now? Now I have to spend all my money on you and that baby of yours! Wasnt this not enough that even Mami is coming to stay with us! I have to find a solution for this. Think Shyam, think.

He had to find some way to escape from this problem.


Khushi had folded her arms and was sitting on the stool, turning her face away from Arnav's. By looking at her, anyone could say that she was angry, hell angry. The saleswoman stood in front of Khushi and spoke,

"Which type of rings do you want, ma'am? "she asked.

Khushi was still not looking at anyone and preferred to stay silent. Arnav sighed.

"Show us the best ones" Arnav said. The saleswoman obeyed him.

"Wedding planner, I didn't bring you here so that you can fold your arms and turn your face away. " Arnav said, "Cmon, help me choose the ring"

"Why should I help you? Did you listen to me? Why should I listen to you? You have been irritating me a lot, now it's enough" she said and got up to leave.

Arnav pulled her with such a force that she almost fell over him. The people around, looked at them. Khushi adjusted herself properly.

"You can't leave like this. It's my wedding and you have agreed be my wedding planner. It's your duty to help me in every ritual. Got it? Don't create a scene here" he said, gritting his teeth.

Khushi sat beside him and started searching for an appropriate ring. He didn't miss to notice the anger on her face.

"I wasn't interested in being your wedding planner, it was you who dragged me" she said, looking at the rings.

"I didnt ask you to fix my marriage with Lavanya either. It was you who dragged me" he said.

His sentence shut her mouth. Arnav didn't want to drag this issue further and hurt her. He picked a ring and showed it to Khushi.

"How about this? " He asked Khushi.

Khushi took the ring in her hand. It was indeed beautiful. She was mesmerized by it. The ring had a very simple design but it was very beautiful.

"beautiful" she said, adoring the ring.
He took the ring from her hand and without any warning he slid it in her ring finger. Khushi was surprised when he did that. Arnav frowned when she snatched her hand.

"What the! I was just checking the size. If it fits you then it might fit her as well" he said. It was a lie, utter lie.

He slid it because he wanted to. He knew that she loved the ring, and he will make sure that he will gift her this ring. The ring looked beautiful on her finger. And by his act, he was half engaged to Khushi.

"You shouldn't have done this" she said before trying to remove the ring, but looked like the ring was stubborn to come out of her finger.


Lavanya was manicuring her nails. She saw Shyam coming into her room. He was looking annoyed.

"What happened? You look quite disturbed" La asked.

"Do you expect me to be happy after all this? From where shall I buy a flat?"

"That's upto you. Convince di to stay here. Your problem will be sorted"

"She is hell bent on moving to a new house. This time Saale saheb has turned the tables "

"No jijaji. He won't do anything until we have them. Relax"

Shyam was not convinced with her answer. He was about to speak further but his phone rang.


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