Chapter 4

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I stir awake sometime later. I sit up and grab my glasses, putting them on. I blink a few times and look at the table in front of me. Liam grins at me and waves.

"Hey babe!' You alright?" he asks. I gulp. All this seems incredibly unreal. I nod.

"Better. Hey, is there a bathroom I can use?" I inquire, trying not to be embarrassed for asking to use a bathroom.

"Harry's taking a shower. Let's see if Dani and El's bathroom is open," he suggests. I nod and peel the covers off. Liam helps me out of bed and a few doors down the hall.

He knocks on the door and a stunning woman answers. It takes me a minute to realize that it's Danielle. She has her hair back and her pajamas on which is a t-shirt and a loose pair of red shorts.

"Hey, Li! Is this the girl?" she asks, looking down at me. I feel intimidated. She's completely gorgeous and here I am as an awkward and injured potato who needs to use the bathroom.

"Yeah. Is your bathroom open?" he asks. She nods and leads me to it.

"I'll wait out here," Liam calls from the hallway. Danielle rolls her eyes and laughs. I shut the bathroom door, mumbling a weak thanks to her.

I do what I have to do and splash my face with some cold water. I emerge a few minutes later.

"You alright?" Liam asks. I nod.

"Yeah. My side is killing me though," I respond. I wave to Danielle and she waves back as we make our way back to the room. We arrive just in time to see Harry about to drop his towel.

Liam coughs rather loudly and Haz turns slightly and flushes, holding the towel more securely around his waist.

"Um... hi," he greets. I look at his face and surprisingly not his body. He looks really good with wet hair, though. I will not lie, he does.

"Hi," I croak. I blush, then realize I can pass off the croaking as part of my injury.

"Harry, get dressed in the bathroom. She needs to lay down," Liam orders. Harry nods and shuts he bathroom door on his way in. Liam helps me into bed and Louis comes over to me and smiles.

"hi, sunshine. Everything okay?" he inquires. I'm taken completely by surprise. Is this really Louis Tomlinson? I decide not to ask because I don't want to sound rude, so I only smile and nod.

"Yeah. My side hurts really bad though," I tell him. He nods and walks right into the bathroom. Him and Harry have a brief conversation which started with Harry yelling in surprise (which I find very funny).

He comes back with a half empty glass of water and two blue pills. I take the pills and slowly gulp the water down with it.

"It's going to make you tired," he warns me. I shrug.

"I think sleep is what I need," I admit. harry exits the bathroom in his infamous black and gray striped underwear. I go tomato red. "I-I'm gonna try to sleep," I tell them.

"Night," Liam responds from the table as I close my eyes.

I wake up to the sound of an acoustic guitar from the other side of the room. I open my eyes slowly and see Niall sitting alone, scribbling things on a piece of paper.

"Hey, Niall," I greet, putting my glasses on. He jumps and then turns around.

"Christ, you scared me!" he exclaims.

"Sorry," I apologize, scratching my head.

"It's fine," he replies dismissively. "Oh, by the way, we have a suitcase right next to ya." I smile.

"thanks," I say with a cough. He smiles.

"No problem," he responds. As he turns back to his guitar, I sit up and look around.

"Where are the rest of the boys?" I ask, noting the sunlight streaming through the curtains next to Niall.

"Harry's sleeping at the table," he replies, gesturing to Haz. "The others went to the store and some other places to get some stuff for ya."

I blush. "you guys don't have to take care of me like this," I tell him, picking up my suitcase and deciding to go through it.

"We want to," he replies with a shrug. he looks at me. "We got those clothes for ya. They're from your uncle's and some from yours." I nod and smile.

"Thanks," I reply. I cringe as I notice the khaki colored skirt.

"What is it?" he asks me.

"The skirt," I reply with a shrug.

"You're a girl, aren't you?"

I look over at him.

"Uh, yeah."

"Well, most girls wear skirts," he concludes with a shrug.

"What makes you think I'm most girls?" I ask. He makes eye contact with me and smirks. I raise my eyebrows and he chuckles, shaking his head and going back to playing his guitar.

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