088 Brothel (3)

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"Yeah, the drunken building is the biggest brothel. The beauty is very much. I don't know if this man can have a fancy?" Many of the people who came to her drunken building came inexplicably. How can a girl in Zuo Wenglou be so good, I want to come and see it, so the old man naturally classifies him as such.

"Don't call it, it sounds weird, my surname is lan!"

"Yes, yes, is the slave family not, then young master Lan can have a optimistic girl?"

Vomiting, so old Obasan also claimed to be a slave,Lan Qin Yu secretly touched the stomach, I feel a little vomiting.

"I really came here for the first time. I don't know which head cards are here. Let me prepare a single room first. I will find a few girls who are correct and look at me first."

She just wants to take a look at what the brothel here looks like, and she doesn't really want to ***, just to say something.

The old man took the hundred and two silver tickets that Qin Yu gave her, and hid the singer to the third floor.

There are several wine tables on the first floor. The guests and the lady are sitting there and laughing, much like the kind of people in the nightclub. The second floor looks like... I can hear some faintly...sound, sweat! It should be the place where the ladies are entertaining guests.

The third floor is a more elegant place. It is specially used to give customers who have more identity or want to be clean. The so-called cleansing of the people here is of course not really clean, and they don't want to drink the ordinary people who don't have much money on the first floor. A group of people who want to enjoy alone when they are together.

In the other place, find a girl to accompany the wine, or dance, or listen to the song, it is their own enjoyment, do not have to share with others.

Everything is separated by chains, there is no door, so when passing, Lan Qin Yu can see what everyone in the room is doing. To accompany the guests to drink, let the guests tease, there are also poems for some more talented girls. This drunken building seems to be a big blue building. No girl is not bad. There is no beauty of the fish and geese, and there is also a small family and jade.

"Young master Lan, please " The person leading the way stopped and opened the single room facing Lan Qin Yu and pulled the chain open.


The foot has not yet stepped in. The sound on the left attracts the attention of Lan Qin Yu. Is it called her?

A man came out from the side next to him, his eyes slightly picked up, and after seeing her appearance, he came over with amazement.

This man will do it lightly...

Since I have also learned some martial arts, Qin Yu has seen a lot of people. The man's footsteps are light, and it's obviously a man with a kung fu. The man is getting closer, and Qin Yu moves backwards subconsciously.

The man noticed her movements, and the eyes flashed a little surprised.Qin Yu had not had time to escape. The first step was to stop her from moving back. He took the waist of Qin Yu and waved to the side of the eye-opening running hall.

"There is nothing wrong with you here, go on."

"Yes." A slip of smoke... no shadow.

Hey, running so fast!

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