Chapter 26

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MayMay's POV:

I can't believe we're leaving, I have to leave Marco and Kisses, and Edward. i made so much friends here I can't just leave them. Well I guess I have to call them and tell them. I got my phone and I dialled Marco's number.

(MM= MayMay    M=Marco)

M= Hello? Ate May?

MM= Marco

M= Oh Ate May do you need anything?

MM= Can you and Kisses come over? I need to tell you guys something really really important

M= Sure, we'll be there soon, bye Ate May, sunduin ko pa si Kisses, see you later Ate May!

MM= Bye, I'll see you guys later

(End of conversation)

Now how am I gonna tell them, gooosshhhh. A few minutes later I heard the doorbell and I quickly went down and opened the door and saw Kisses and Marco with bright smiles and they quickly hugged me 

"Is there anything wrong Ate May?" Kisses asked and I just gave them a weak smile and dragged them to my room. I closed the door and faced them with the tears forming in my eyes and they looked at each other.

"Ate May what's wrong?" Kisses asked and she gave me a hug

"Ate May are you okay?" Marco asked and I pulled away from Kisses' hug and looked at the both of them 

"I'm going back to Cagayan De Oro." I said and they just looked at me 

"What?!" They both exclaimed and I just nodded and wiped my tears away

"Why?" Marco asked 

"It's Patricia, she's sick and she needs us." I said and they both just looked at me 

"How long are you guys gonna be there for?" He asked and I just shrugged  

"I don't know, it depends." I said and they just looked at each other 

"We're really gonna miss you Ate May!" Kisses said and I nodded my head

"I'm really gonna miss you guys, all of you, even the guys, I made so much memories with you guys here, I'm really gonna miss you, I wish that I can stay but Patricia needs me, I really need to go." I said and I saw tears coming out of Marco's eyes and I looked at him and put my hand of his cheek and wiped his tears away. 

"Marco you don't have to cry, I will visit you guys naman eh." I said and hugged him and he wrapped his arms around me and Kisses joined in with us. 

"I will call you guys everyday don't worry, I will never ever forget about you guys, you guys changed my life, you will forever be in my heart, so please stop crying and help me pack." I said and we pulled away and they gave me a smile

"We love you so much Ate May!" Marco said and I smiled at them 

"I love you guys more, now help me pack." I said and they nodded their heads and we started to pack.


A few hours have passed and we finished packing my bags and my room looked so empty, I really am gonna miss this place, I can't believe that we're leaving. I have so much memories in this place, I have so much memories with the people here, I will certainly miss them. I think this means that I have to talk to Edward, I'll tell him that I'll be leaving then that's it, I'll just talk to him when I get back from CDO. I looked at Kisses and Marco and they were already looking at me.

"Ate May, do you really have to leave?" Marco asked and I sighed and nodded my head

"Yah I need to, Patricia needs me, she's my cousin, who knows what her sickness is, it may cause her to die and I don't want that to happen." I said and he just nodded his head

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