086 Brothel (1)

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After that night, Ruoyun never mentioned the name to Qin Yu. The next day, he did not say goodbye to Qin Yu and went back to the palace. It was not impossible to face her, but did not organize his feelings.

Yu er...

It seems to be attached to that person and not as persistent, but the first time she saw him, she felt very painful. The people who always have a mischievous smile on weekdays have such a distressing look... Probably, that past made her feel very sad.

In the morning, Lan Qin Yu had a physical activity and felt that it was good. She would not feel sour and not feel painful. It may not be perfect, but there will be no impact on her actions.

One week, this is the limit that Lan Qin Yu can calm down, and then she will not collapse in the exhibition hall!

Qing Xun often lives in Fengyuntang over the past few days, but he always picks up time to look back at her... he is afraid she will come. Hey, who is Lan Qin Yu? Will it be because of such difficulties, shrinking and honestly recovering?

NO, NO, NO! That is definitely not her!

  Ruoyun left, Lan Qin Yu didn't think too much, only when he was rushing back to the palace, and the two of them also enjoyed the moon together that night, there is no need to say goodbye. After that, Qin Yu deliberately and Qing Xun said that after some days, I wanted to go to the dark door headquarters of the end, and I asked for a spontaneous spontaneous request to discuss with Su Leng.

Now that Lan Qin Yu is the owner of the secret door, the news of the replacement of the secret door has almost spread on the rivers and lakes. Some people who are trying to misbehave are likely to stare at her. Of course, Qingxun must discuss with Su Leng carefully about things!

Lan Qin Yu talked about the Qingxun meeting, and it was very smooth for Qingxun to temporarily take care of her in Fengyuntang, and she herself... Yue Ruoyun returned to the palace, Su Leng and Qing Xun in Fengyun The hall,Qian Luo because she was the main door of the dark door, the door will be told that the doorkeeper should not hit her attention... no one will take care of her, hehe!

Her Lan Qin Yu is free again! This time, she will go where she always wanted to go!


When it comes to this Qin Yu, there is gas. It was only a few days ago that I heard that the exhibition has designed and sealed all the brothels in the building. Yesterday I heard people say that the brothel has started to operate as usual! The jerk Qian Luo, it is simply perfunctory!

Since he can't do it, let her go to a big fight!


Speaking of it...because there is no chance to inquire about it recently, I don't know where the most famous brothel in the country is...

Lan Qin Yu took advantage of the people in the exhibition hall and did not pay attention. She sneaked out and thought about what should be done. It is better to ask the passers-by here!

Blocking a woman carrying a basket of flowers, it seems that the woman who is buying vegetables, Lan Qin Yu asked: "This sister, do you know where the biggest brothel in the country is?"

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