★ Kamila's POV ★

I swear I love Marcy. I do. But honestly that girl is so down to earth it annoys me we are both pretty and sometimes I think she's prettier. But the way she dresses just kills me. Ugh! Whatever.

We walk into Nando's and get in line to order.

Suddenly I feel Marcy stare at someone behind us. I pull out my pocket mirror and pretend to look at my eyes.

Oh. My. Gawd.

Niall freaking Irish Horan is behind us.

Why didn't I look prettier?

Why didn't I do my hair properly?

Why didn't—

"Have we met somewhere?" Asked a lightly accented voice.

I turn to see him smiling at me.

I keep a straight face, "In your dreams, hun."

★ Marcy’s POV ★

Uh oh.

Did Niall Horan just use the worst pickup line ever? On Kam?

Good luck, kid.

I giggled until I saw Kam turn and respond curtly, “In your dreams,hun."

"Well then I was in heaven, 'cause I just met an angel!" The blonde continued smoothly, a sly grin spreading across his face.

I cracked up at the sight.

 He turned to me after receiving an icy glare, introducing himself easily, "Niall, nice to meet you." He smiled.

"I'm Mar-"

"Get lost kid," growled Kam, practically shoving her shoulder in his face to signal she done speaking to him.

I pulled out my phone and texted her, aware that anything mention aloud could lead to my untimely death.  The fuck bro? I sent, Remember you're practically in love with him!;O

She answered: he looks like Noel even more up close so he can go screw hisself!>:O

"Besides," she said, loud enough for Niall to hear, "he just used two of the worst pickup lines ever." With that she turned around, as if there wasn't one fifth of the most famous boy band behind us.

"Excuse my friend, she's just moody cause she hasn't eaten," I stuck out my hand, "Marcy, nice to meet you."

"Well, that explains why she's such a pissy brat," He smiled at me, and if it wasn't because I was kind of (okay, really) falling for Jake, I probably would've done the leprechaun then and there.

Kam was still pointedly ignoring the boy and from the looks of it, she would be ignoring me too.

I sighed.

"Is this your first time at Nando's?" Asked Niall.

"Yes, first time in England too," I saw Kam slip her earphones on and promptly head the familiar blast of Sleeping With Sirens.

Whoa, she's pissed.

"I suggest you order half a peri-peri chicken for yourself and a whole one for your friend..."

"Kam," I filled in for him.

"Kam?" He asked. Kam turned and glared at him, her eyes blazing.

"Kamila, for you. Only my friends are allowed to call me Kam, got it kid?" She scowled.

Niall smiled and replied, "You keep calling me kid, but you're what 15, 16?"

"17 and a half!" She snapped, turning around again.

"Well thanks for the recommendations!" I chirped thankfully to break the tension, turning away as well to order.

Out of the corner I could see Niall smiling as he heard what I asked for.

We got our number and sat on our table, Kam all to ready to murder me on the spot.

★ Kamila's POV ★

"What the hell, Marceline?"

Oh, I was pissed—beyond pissed.

She looked confused and asked, "Well, why were you so rude?"

"You know why! He looks like Noel –and anyone who looks like Noel deserves my eternal wrath!"

Well, not everyone since I still talked to his sister but that's beyond the point.

"At least I was nice—you were a cruel bitch while he tried to hit on you!" Marcy snapped.

"Oh, well excuse the fuck out of me!" I snapped back. Niall was passing behind us as I said this, adding, “My pleasure to fuck you,” before joining us.

He sat next to Marcy now.

Well, screw him and screw Nando's. I ate my chicken in silence, while Marcy chatted away with the blonde. Various time she tried to include me in their conversation by saying, "Oh Kam ah-dores 1D, don't you Kam?"

To which I responded by flipping her off.

After we finished eating, I stood up and walked outside, Marcy and the annoying fuck behind me.

"Well, see you around Mars," He hugged my best friend, like they’d known each other for years.  

"Bye, beautiful," He smirked, patting my ass before he walked away.

"Fuck off!"

And with that I marched off to our flat.

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