084 moon appreciation (2)

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In the night, the moon is empty.

Or in the West Chamber of the exhibition hall, as if walking with Ruoyun three days ago, two people alone...but there is no table or chair, and Lan Qin Yu proposed to drop the cherry tree.

Under the illumination of the moonlight, the color of the cherry blossoms is also extraordinarily warm and romantic. In this atmosphere, enjoy the moon... Who will not be intoxicated?

This is called drunken people drunk, drunk for the full moon, drunk for the cherry blossoms, but also for the confusion of such a beautiful man.

"The moon tonight is really round, and... great, I saw this beautiful moon for the first time."

If she used to, she had such a leisurely experience to enjoy the moon.

In modern times, most of the night with friends to eat and eat, or play games at home, or simply do not sleep early, sleep for 13 or 4 hours.

When I was in the wind, I couldn't go out to eat, no games to play, so I turned my target to the people in the palace, and I was so eager to fight with the big prince, and I couldn't control the moon. Round, big.

Two people sit under the cherry tree, next to a jug of wine, two wine glasses, enjoying the closed eyes and bathing in the moonlight, feeling the soft light shining on their own body. warm.

The sun gives people warmth. It turns out that the moonlight can also give people warmth, not too glaring, nor too dim, just illuminating the entire yard.

"Yu er, remember when we first met?"

The words of Ruoyun and the light fluttering into the ears, Lan Qin Yu did not blink, sighed.

"Remember, I don't know where the broken carriage almost hit me. You saved me." She knows how to be grateful and remembers the people who saved herself.

  Ruoyun lingers a little, faintly said: "Remember... the name you called me at that time..."

The leisurely expression was a little stiff for a moment, and when I opened my eyes and looked at Ruoyun, the latter just smiled. It didn't seem too much in my heart. I just wanted to listen to the name again.

"You said... An Yun..."

I was shocked to see a similar face, blurted out the name... he remembered...

An Yun seems to be a good name.

When I first saw Yue Ruoyun, It also gave her a big impact. She... How long has it not mentioned the name, think of this person? I can't remember it, but... She also knows that in fact, in a corner of my heart, there is still a person named An Yun who occupies a small position, but it is also an unshakable position.

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