Hermione: Patronus

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Your patronus dances around you and Hermione cast hers

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Your patronus dances around you and Hermione cast hers. It was the same one. You laughed at it.

"Wait mine changed, it was a fox three years ago." You looked confused.

"YN, you know if a patronus switches to another it's because they love them right. And I love you." Hermione confessed.

"I love you too." You told her. She smiled and kissed you and pulled away smiling widely.

"How did you know?" I asked.

"I overheard Snape tell Dumbledore that his switches to Lilly Evans he was in live with her, but James got her first." She sass smiled.

"Oh, I hope he finds love one day. Or peace." I told her she nodded her head.

Always Severus Snape.

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