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For another three days, all the brothels in the month were accompanied by the news that all the small fireworks alleys were closed, and they were introduced into the ears of Lan Qin Yu. The speed of the exhibition was fast and the work was also simple! See how he is going to visit the kiln in the future!

I hate the stinky man who knows how to mix with the fireworks woman all day long! Is the Yanmen Gate Master very amazing?

Yes, she knows that after the show is a master of the door, she feels that he used to pretend that the son is very realistic, but she changed her mind! Which is realistic and where is acting? At all, he is such a person! Only on weekdays, martial arts will not be used frequently, and the wind is tight, and the headquarters is secret enough to be discovered.

hate! hate!

Did not notice that Yue Ruoyun came in, Lan QinYu still vented her dissatisfaction with her pillow, she completely regarded the pillow as a show, she hit! Fight hard! Hit your face to find your teeth, and hit you to bloom! hit!

"Yu er?"

"Ah!" An unrespected pillow hit the bed frame, and then a rebound hit the head of Lan Qin Yu, point back! It's too late!

Yue Ruoyun is ashamed, "You, are you okay?"

What is she doing? Play with pillows... game?

"Yes, it's a little confused... but it's okay, you can't die, it's going to be good soon." Throw the pillow on the bed,Lan Qin Yu complained.

Even a pillow is against her, and the flow is not good!

"Right, Ruoyun, you do not have to go back to the palace to pick up your brother's place?" When I first came, I said that the San king had found Ruoyun several times. This person is back, still not going back? Will the San king not worry?

Yue Ruoyun nodded, "I will return to the palace tomorrow, I am afraid that I will not be able to see you often for a while."

I want her to live in the palace, and I am afraid that she does not want to, after all... Listening to the news collected by Qian Luo, Yu Er is out of the palace, but also has no good feelings for the palace. Maybe...

"So... then come to me now? Is it individual?"

If you have dinner time, you haven't arrived yet. It's not the emperor who came to call her.

"It's not a goodbye, but it's just going back to the palace. After the government is finished, it can still come out. Just... It's just the full moon tonight, I want to enjoy the moon with you."

When Lan Qin Yu heard the moon, she couldn't help but feel some interest and touched her chin. "Looking at the moon... I haven't really enjoyed it once, so it's still a full moon! It sounds very romantic. It should be good. Well, that's the show tonight is to enjoy the moon!"

Also prepare wine, plus her beautiful woman and the beautiful man next to it, how good the atmosphere. If she can't do it, she can still write a poem!

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