082 apologies (3)

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People, there is always the first time, I am used to it, but this is the first time I want to apologize to the people, so she became Lan Qin Yu.

"Xiao Yu, I... I..."

I'm going to scream for a long time, I'm not talking about it for a long time...

Yue Ruoyun knows that Qian Luo has never apologized to humanity. It will inevitably be very interesting. Maybe he has been thinking about this scene for three days... but it is still stuck at the crucial moment.

She waited, don't worry, she wait!

Slowly, the first apology will definitely have a nephew who can't speak, she waits!

However, the patience of Lan Qin Yu is very limited. Waiting for half an hour is just looking at each other in a silly manner. Who can stand it?Ruoyun does not care about his tea, he enjoys the flowers in a leisurely manner. In fact, he does not want to give pressure to the show and let him relax.

Those who have patience will also go away if they drag on! I am thinking about the mushroom that has been rolling out, or I just figured it out at this time.

"Oh! I have forgotten it. I have never apologized to this person. I am afraid that this opportunity will be very embarrassing. Xiao Yu, you will simply give me a hand, so I am comfortable in my heart."

Anyway, in the current situation of Xiao Yu, there is no more powerful palm, and he has no loss. If he really has an internal injury, he should be alive!

But Lan Qin Yu didn't think so. In the end, she almost ran away and took a photo of the wooden table. She said loudly: "I said that you are really a real person. You really want me to hit you! You think I am abusing. Mad! I don't love the ** set, it's not okay to play people, I am sick! can't say sorry, just don't say it, anyway, I don't really blame you, you are a dead person! I really can't stand you, do you care so much? I said that you played heavy on that day and just said it, you really believe it? The ink has been so long before it comes out with such a word. If you don't have it, ah! It's mad!"

Qian Luo, this brain is really broken! I really dare to say that she wants to play a palm and serve! Thoroughly, it's a breeze! Awesome enough!

  Qian Luo also felt that the atmosphere was too strange. He didn't know what to do. "Even if you say this, I still feel uncomfortable. After all, I still hurt you. You don't give me a hand, let me at least let me Do something, or else I am uncomfortable! I have no taste of even the flowers and flowers."

Flower... flower wine! ?

Bastard! Doesn't it mean that I have been staying at the Yanmen headquarters for three days? Lan Qin Yu looked at the person who gave this information to himself. He only saw the pattern of Yue Ruoyun's face on the 'study' teacup.

Could it be that this dead person or Lian Ruoyun also went to spend the day?

"You guy who has no heart and lungs! Loss, I still say that I don't blame you, hateful! Ok, ah? Drinking wine, right? You said you want to do something for me? OK, you are now! Immediately ! Immediately! Go and give me all the brothels for the month, one does not stay!"

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