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After walking for a while, Lan Qin Yu felt a little lacking, and the two sat in front of the prepared tables and chairs in the courtyard.

"When I walk for a while, I feel that my back hurts. It is really troublesome to take a wound on my body! If Ruoyun, when will this injury be better?" What Lan Qin Yu really wants to ask is how long the bitter medicine will last. But did not dare to ask for an exit.

In the past, Tianqing had been forcing her to drink medicine while she was blocking it for a while. It was hard to ask for that situation. Now there is a Ruoyun around, she is sure, if she says she doesn't want to take any more medicine, Yue Ruoyun must Resolutely oppose to the end!

Although the country is different, the medicine is still as bitter, so there is no different medicine in such a good place? Or, are there some flowers and plants that also have curative effects? If you use flowers, the taste is not so bad, so hard to drink! At most, it will be a little bit awkward...

"Qian Luo?" Yue Ruoyun did not answer the question of Lan Qin Yu, but looked behind Lan Qin Yu with a slight surprise.

Qian Luo?

Qin Yu looks back, and a blue dress appears in the field of vision. When did Qian Luo stand behind her back? Can people who are martial arts not be aware of the breath of others? Why is she not aware of it at all?

In the end, Lan Qin Yu came to the conclusion that the martial arts of Qian Luo was too high, so she did not notice it in time, and also acknowledged it in the opposite direction. Her own martial arts is not as good as his, although this is indeed true...

"When did you come? Eaten yet?"

Lan Qin Yu's gossip family often takes the initiative to talk, avoiding the embarrassing scenes, seeing the sudden appearance of Qian Luo, and having a bottom in mind.

Eighty percent, he thought about how to deal with the incident of hurting her, is he apologizing? Or simply let her also play a hand? Don't doubt, she won't fight, guess, it's pure speculation. Lan Qin Yu believes that Qian Luo is not so boring, and it is impossible to say that there is no such thing as a tree.

The leaves rustle, Ruoyun is not suitable for talking, so the lips are not spoken, and the Qin Yu have given the show a good start, waiting for the other party to continue.

When he thought about the apology, I heard that Lan Qin Yu's tone of indifference was hesitant again, and I could only hear the fine sound of the leaves in a short time.

Fuck! She took the initiative to say an opening statement, and Qian Luo did not even speak! He doesn't have to be so awkward, she feels weird when she looks at it.

It is probably a bit sorry for him to say that he is more suitable for dressing up his children, but this is the truth, and Qian Luo is too unsuitable for such words, but how can it be said that the introverted man has the character.

It seems that he has never encountered such a thing that made him jealous, hehe...

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