079 wake up (3)

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Amount... What is this month? Really, what is she thinking about this, is it because of the fever? Lan Qin Yu touched her forehead nervously, and touched the amount of Yue Ruoyun on her side more nervously. The temperature was almost the same, no fever...

"Yu er?" What's on his forehead? Why touch his forehead? Still touching her own?

Hearing his voice, Lan Qin Yu picked up her own thoughts and smiled.

"It's okay, I just want to see if the temperature is the same. It's not a trauma. It's impossible to have a wound infection that causes a high fever!" She was really confused!

Yue Ruoyun used to hear some fresh words in her mouth, and it was not strange to ignore the part that she could not understand. "Yu er, the doctor said that you are not very good, do you know?"

I didn't know this before, and I didn't care about some of her more intense moves on weekdays, such as teaching some street villains.

Now that you know it yourself, you have to pay more attention.

"Is it bad? Well... except for a little anemia, there is no big problem. I went to the hospital to check my body. The doctor also said that except for the lack of blood, there are no problems with the internal organs. I am eating it, my body is good. Great!"

Lan Qin Yu's eyes didn't panic, and she didn't plan to say anything about her heart disease. Of course, she didn't know that Yue Ruoyun and Qian Luo people knew that her heart was not good, but none of them Said to break her.

Lan Qin Yu's heart disease basically has no effect on her, and it is not serious. In addition to the previous fierce quarrel with her parents, the heart hurts for a while, and almost no problem has occurred in this heart. Anyway, there is no big problem, even if she has a heart disease in name, she does not have a real impact on her, she directly PASS off.

If Ruoyun not mentioned, she really forgot!

However, Lan Qin Yu did not intend to continue to talk to Ruoyun about her heart disease, so she subtly shifted the topic.

"Speaking of it, Qian Luo, your dead kid turned out to be the doorkeeper of Yanmen. This can surprise me! Kung Fu is so good, but fortunately, your reflection is not too bad, or I am afraid I am still awake now. Come on. Hehe."

The action of touching jade is stiff and silent.

It's rare that he will be so quiet, and I still feel sorry for her! Lan Qin Yu said that this has no other meaning. I just want to express my true thoughts. To be honest, she feels that she is praised for his martial arts. She wouldn't really blame him. He didn't know that the other side was Lan Qin Yu at first. If I knew it would definitely not be done.

But she was hurt and sinned. This is also a fact. The words just now seem to make the face of Qian Luo more heavy, haha!

For the time being, let him depress first. When it is to solve the problem, it should be... not too much?

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