078 wake up (2)

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Xiao Yu is the new doorkeeper of the secret door. He is the main door of Yanmen. The secret door is opposite to Yanmen. Now he is so happy that he is hurt by his own righteousness... right? However, the chest is very stuffy. When I think of myself to hand Xiao Yu, and Lan Qin Yu that Ruoyun cares about, the feeling of sorrow is like a flood.

For the first time in my life, I hated my internal strength, and I hated that my reaction was not quick enough. I couldn't take it back in time. I hated that I could only watch her lying on the bed now, watching the doctors diagnose her. Healing, the only thing that can be done is to send a donkey to get medicine! This is the door to help!

"N..." The woman on the bed moved, her brows were close, and it seemed to be infested by the pain in her body. Some of them struggled slowly and opened her eyes.

The shoulders... very painful, the pain around the shoulders is also very painful... It is estimated that the internal force was shaken to other parts when it was hit, struggling to sit up, but accidentally touched the wound.

"Ah! It hurts!" The left hand caressed the right shoulder, and the eyebrows were squeezed together.

hateful! It's not a normal pain, it hurts the bones? Do not know if the crack is cracked? Can ancient bones be cured? It seems that I only heard that there is often a cure for dislocation. The arms and legs of the two dislocated babies are connected... but she seems to have nothing to do with dislocation.

Yue Ruoyun saw that Lan Qin Yu woke up, showing a happy heart, and then saw her woke up and wanted to sit up and lift her up. "I help you, don't mess, it is easy to touch the wound."

Stand up the pillow so that Qin Yu can be comfortable. Ruoyun gently let Qin Yu lean back.

Lan Qin Yu returned with a smile that was grateful to Ruoyun, and thanked me for noticing that there were individuals in the room. At this time, the man who was not able to see the first time when he met, the man who gave her the impression of a dude, was doing his best to put a face on his face and calmly, standing in a place not far from Ruoyun. Yu Pei originally hanging around his waist.

Black jade, the opposite color of its own white jade, is really something that a hostile person should have.

Why did Lan Qin Yu know that the exhibition is strong and calm? The first time I saw him, the face that didn't care about it was natural, and I couldn't see any strange place, so she didn't even think that he was the doorkeeper of Yanmen. Can you look at the face now, obviously and very stiffly posing with a sly expression, and don't want to think that he is suitable for that kind of face?

Qian Luo this kid is feeling embarrassed because of hurting her... right? More or less should be a little bit so! Even if you don't marry her, you will feel sorry for Ruoyun.

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