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The exhibition hall, the room of the East Court Lan Qin Yu.

  Qian Luo and Yue Ruoyun quietly wait for the diagnosis of the doctor.

"The emperor please rest assured that the injury suffered by this lady is not very serious. She did not hurt the five internal organs. It only hurts the bones and needs good health. In fact, the young lady's body is not very good, some anemia, although the heartbeat is normal. Like health, the actual heart is slightly weaker than the average person. This time, if she does not have internal strength, I am afraid that she will suffer from a serious internal injury..."

The medicinal doctor's heart looked at the pale face and Lan Qin Yu that was still asleep. He added: "The lady's injury can only be recovered if she takes a few more medicines, and she can recover from a meal for a month. As for the body... ...you can only pay more attention to it, don't let her get too tired."

Seeing that the emperor has been sitting next to him, holding the hand of the lady, looks like a dignified look, should be a very important person in the emperor? There must be some background compared to it, and it is unlikely that there will be too much work. At least... From the pulse point of view, this lady usually eats very nutritious things, except for the weak heart, other organs are very healthy.

After the royal doctor said what he should say, he respectfully left from the bed and stood at the outer edge to wait for the emperor's instructions.

Yue Ruoyun carefully lifted the hand  of Qin Yu into the quilt and put the quilt in order. "Go and prepare the good medicine, and then go to the treasure chest in the palace to help the body of Qin Yu."

It turns out that Yu er's body is more weak than ordinary people... From her active appearance, he can't see it at all. Yu er, she knows it?

  Qian Luo told him to wait for the shackles on the sidelines, accompanying the royal doctors to return to the palace to take medicine, and also guarded by Ruoyun.


"Qian Luo, she is Yu er!"

"It's really you, the plot to meet... it's so bad... cough..."

"I seem to have fainted several times after I came here? It's all because of injuries... How... I always fainted, always hurt? I... bad enough..."


When she was in the palm of his hand, she guessed it was him, so she recovered her palm at the end. If she took her own palm, she might not have to suffer these injuries! Ming knows that he will be hurt, but he still received the internal force at the last minute... Why!

No, this can't blame him! All of them, did not find out in time is Xiao Yu! At first glance, I already felt that the eyes were familiar, but I denied the thoughts in my heart... Maybe Xiao Yu's thoughts are the same as him, thinking that it is impossible to be the other party, it is impossible to be in that place, In that case, I met each other.

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