Not A Tattoo

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Annabeth knocked on the door of Percy's apartment, a smile on her face. She had her hair pulled back into a pony tail, ankle boots, short jean shorts, and a white button up T-shirt, the hem tucked into her shorts. When the door opened, she saw Percy with a toothbrush in his mouth, no shirt, and his usual black jeans and combat boots. He looked confused for a second, before choking on the tooth brush. He ripped it out of his mouth and put it on the table beside the door. "Shit, Annabeth, hey!"

She giggled. "Hey, Seaweed Brain. Did ya forget what your girlfriend looked like?"

"No, no, of course not, I just... Heh..." He blushed. Annabeth shook her head as he opened the door for her to come in. "I thought you were busy."

"I have my ways of getting rid of people. Especially perverted boys who are the step sons or sons of the men who work for my father." Percy raised an eyebrow, his eyes looking slightly possessive. "James. The asshole from school. My dad was trying to set me up again... I told them about what the jerk tried to do, and his step-dad forced him out." Percy relaxed a tiny bit, but he still moved to kiss her.

She put a hand on his bare chest, stopping him. "Nice try, Seaweed Brain. You're covered in toothpaste."

He blushed, jogging away from her to the bathroom. She laughed loudly, sitting on the kitchen counter to wait for him. He came back soon, and kissed her throat, not giving her a chance to argue. His hands went to her hips, his grip possessive, his lips moving quickly, almost frantically over her throat. She leaned her head back, moaning softly, eyes closing. He nipped at the base of her neck, hand's trying to get under her shirt and shorts. When he couldn't, he whined, gently biting down on her collar bone. Annabeth giggled and broke away, "Someone's grumpy."

"You're the one in those short ass shorts." Percy growled. "You expect me to not want to touch you?"

She giggled some more, and put one hand on his jaw, the other one working on the buttons of her shirt. His pupils dilated a little, and the green around them darkened with lust. The way he looked at her was enough for her to want him.

He pulled her hands from her shirt and kissed her lips passionately, his hands finishing off her shirt, pulling it out of her shorts, sliding it off her shoulders. She held an arm out from his body to help him slide it off, before putting her hands back on his torso, sliding along the defined muscles of his chest and abdomen. Percy growled, grabbing her by the hips and pressing her closer to him. Annabeth wrapped her legs around his waist, moaning softly. A knock on the front door broke them apart, and Percy was sent into a panic.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit." He grabbed her shirt and tried to cover her body before someone walked in. "Mom! Hey! You're early..." He stood in front of Annabeth, blocking her from view. Annabeth quickly struggled to fix her shirt, tucking it into her shorts, her face blood red.

"Hey, sweetheart." Percy went to hug her, and Annabeth tried not to laugh, finishing the last button. "Oh, Annabeth! Percy told me you were busy?"

"Plans changed." Annabeth shrugged. "My dad had a meeting 30 minutes after I showed up."

"I'm gonna go put on a shirt," Percy chuckled, his handsome face red with embarrassment. Annabeth sat down and watched as he went to his room, shamelessly staring at him as he walked away. Sally didn't catch on, clearing off a cushion to sit on. In less than 3 hours, Percy had made his apartment look lived in again. There was clothes everywhere!

Annabeth blushed when she noticed the shirt she'd borrowed before Percy had taken it off of her again in the middle of the night. When she'd gone to the bathroom, he'd woken and followed, claiming he wanted to see her naked and nothing more. He'd wanted a lot more than that.

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