076 accident (3)

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A move will be the outcome!

In the distant places where Su Leng and Qing Xun were located, there was some commotion. Is her illusion? In the vagueness, Qin Yu seems to hear someone calling her name. However, this situation is under the circumstances, even if Su Leng or Qing Xun really called her, she can not care about the side, the infuriating can not always be maintained in one place, to quickly decide!

The two people are separated by a distance of nearly ten meters, but because they can make the fastest speed that they can use at the moment, they are too close to others to stop.

The speed is too fast, the eyes hanging on the wind are a little painful, and I can't open it, but it is still clear that the black figure has come to me, and the front is fighting, she will not hide, and he will not stop.

When he is approaching himself, when the inflated palm is approaching, Lan Qin Yu knows this palm... she will lose! She spent too much instinct, and now this move is not half of her best. When the power is 10%, it is an unknown number to beat each other, let alone less than 50% of the palm...

"Thousands fall stop, she is Yu er!"

This time I heard it clearly. The original voice was not Su Leng, nor was it Qing Xun... It's Ruoyun...

It turned out that she did not misread, and the eyes were really showing up...

The moment... Qian luo was shocked by this sudden call, but the palm was already close to the body of Qin Yu, and the palm of the hand was removed from her chest by the last strength!


  Qin Yu spit a blood without a suspense, her shoulders were hit, and her own palm was already dispelling the truth when she knew that she was surely defeated. In fact, she was quite good ......

***(i don't know the name of the opponent but I think it is Qian Luo. If you see exhibition, one thousand something it refer to the opponent)**

  Qian Luo was able to completely remove the palm from her body, catching her body when Lan Qin Yu fell, holding it in her arms and taking off the mask.

There was blood on her lips, pale, and she looked at him with a squint.

Lifting his left hand, he also made the same movements as her, took off his mask and chuckled. "It's really you, the plot to meet... it's so bad... cough..."

Yue Ruoyun flew up from below, whitened a face, leaned over, and suddenly the back of the three people slammed.

Lan Qin Yu couldn't help but roll her eyes. "How come the explosion... It's so slow, it's a vulgar plot, it can be used to escape the time... always wait for someone to fall down and then slow down half-shot... "

"Xiao Yu..." He thought, that look... these eyes always feel very familiar, I can't think of it... really is her...

The consciousness has become blurred again. "I seem to have fainted several times after I came here? It's all because of injuries... How... I always fainted, always hurt? I... bad enough... "

There were two more people rushing around, just in the words of Qin Yu, dizzy...

"Xiao Yu--- -"

"The door master-----"

"Yu er--"

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