075 accident (2)

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Lan Qin Yu finally decided to give up this second move, too much effort, too much effort! Even if the moment does not need to teleport, people are not weak, can't hit, can't find a chance to fight! I almost didn't sit down directly!

If it weren't for fear that she would finish her life, she would have to sit down... no! Lie down and rest first!

"Hey, don't just hide, you haven't been playing forever. It's gone! Just point it, according to the fixed win, the winners and losers will be scattered, go home and sleep!" Su Leng and Qing Xun just watched A moment, most of the people were solved by them, but in a short time the sea could not come to rescue her, the damn explosives did not quickly detonate!


Instantly, her idea and tone are very good, and there is no opinion. "Alright, I have something to do tomorrow. It is not bad to go back to sleep."

Lan Qin Yu crossed him and made up for sleep? A big man still has to sleep!

After gossip, the two men clung to their expressions and began to get serious. Qin Yu's plan was easy to understand, and he intended to use the third move to decide the outcome. The third move, and the last move, usually the last move is the ultimate trick, and this move by Su Leng is no exception. Anyway, she will be so three strokes now, if the three strokes are useless, then she will spend less time with her. She has no chance of winning, and it is good to use this trick.

In front of it, I said that I had a chance to win or lose. Even if she lost, she said that she would go home to sleep after winning the game. He gave the answer and should not repent.

In other words, regardless of winning or losing, you can safely withdraw after you finish playing! The only precondition is that she has to raise enough internal force to cope with the other party's unfavorable move, and strive to go back without any harm!

Immediately began to bring up the infuriating, the right palm turned to the inside of the body, the gesture of the left hand into a point, squatting on his right arm, then along the arm all the way to the right palm, stop. Instinct is concentrated in this place, using 7 points, although I said that I will only use three-point force to learn from it, but... Since it is the last move, it is more interesting to use more.

  QinYu calmed down because of chasing the instantaneous run and became messy, inhale, exhale, relax, don't be nervous!

Try to start lifting your hands with your palms, but you can't pick up the internal forces! No, no, you can't be nervous, relax, take your time, don't worry! Gaze! focus!

The last move must have enough internal force available! Why is it always stuck at this critical moment!

Blame this instant, what to run! It hurts her so much effort, wasted a lot of strength, can not lose, at least to the whole body and retreat! These three days have been stabbed by the skin injury caused by Yao Chen, and I will not go back here with internal injuries today...

Struggling to squander the idea of destroying her own prestige, Lan Qin Yu continued to concentrate on her palms, and the internal force gradually came up. Very good, just like this... continue to work hard, and soon, you can use this trick perfectly!

Opposite, I have already mentioned enough internal force, ready to go, Concentration, it is considered to be ready...

A move will be the outcome!

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