071 Confrontation (1)

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Forty people who patrolled, plus twenty or thirty people who did not know where they came from, surrounded the entire house, and couldn't get through? Can describe the form at the moment.

How much more secret, the face here is just a small house, so many people do not seem crowded! This scene made Qin Yu couldn't help but think of the crowd on the street during working hours in Beijing... God, the scalp is numb, she hates to squeeze together in such a crowded place!

After Lan Qin Yu came out of the secret road, they flew to the roof, why? Because there is a person standing alone on the roof, the only special person in such a big arranging field is definitely a matter of management, that is, the actor who has just 'thousands of miles!'

Is the duel happening on the roof? The duel that looks like Ye Gucheng and Ximen Blowing Snow is also on the roof? Dare to say no?

It is a bit unfair for a trio to be a person, and there is a lack of a 'cool factor'.

In the absence of attention or habit, Lan Qin Yu stood in the middle, and the two next to her also set out to protect her posture. Lan Qin Yu secretly sighed, they are very happy to protect her, but ... this is not to tell people, she is the head...

Are they smart or clever? Did the ancients really have such a brain?

The opposite person is as expected, and his eyes are on his own, and Qin Yu laughs very cutely, although the black light is ignorant and can't be seen. The more urgent, the more calm, smile and relax, and relax the defense.

"The people in the dark door visit me in the middle of the night, what are you doing?" The other person said coldly, his voice was sloppy, his tone was scornful, and the light could be seen from the smiling eyes. This person did not put them in In the eyes.

Lan Qin Yu didn't think about the lines, and kept silent for a while. The other party took a shot on the forehead and made a sudden realization of the action. He continued: "How do I forget, yesterday seems to be the day when the secret doorkeeper chooses a new door, visit this tonight. Is it to say hello to my Yanmen?"

  Qin Yu was surprised, this person is still smart, she really thinks it is to say hello to Yanmen! Little greeting!

The only one who really dealt with Yanmen was Su Leng. Qing Xun only cares about the safety of Qin Yu.

"Which of you, can you tell your identity?" Su Leng felt uneasily in his heart. He felt that this person was not as simple as he thought. Wugong was on his own, and Yanmen was very few behind his own martial arts. The other person's body was not murderous, but But revealed a faint domineering...

The other party sneered, "The secret door left to visit, this is really sincere, the middle of the ... is the new door?"

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