068 Defeat (1)

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"Is there a lack of hidden weapons in the door?"

  Qin Yu opened one of the many boxes, and reacted to see what the hidden weapon is like here.

"No shortage, if the secret door is missing the hidden weapon, it will not let the people of the world laugh and die, and Su Leng will be sorry for the teachings of the former door."

Qingxun helped her to hold the hidden weapon in the box next to Lan Qin Yu. He took out a hidden weapon and squinted his eyes. If he couldn't see the eye, he would let Qingxun hold it first and continue to turn it down. Don't be on the waist.

Not long after, Qing Xun's hand was already full of hidden weapons, and Qin Yu called Su Leng and continued! I don't have a lot of things on my waist, it's very heavy, and when I flip back and forth, and stabbed.

I turned all the way to the bottom of the box, and Qin Yu looked bright and found something good!

"Even with a sword in hand!" Isn't this something for the ninja? In this place, the killer also uses things? Fresh enough!

  Qin Yu took out the remaining shurikens in the box, and by the way, the hidden weapons that were hung up were returned to the box and played with something that looked extraordinarily gracious.

Qing Xun and Su Leng face each other, do not understand what she said ... shuriken?

"The doorkeeper said, the shuriken... is this 'flying sword'?"

Lan Qin Yu turned her head and asked him with a funny smile. "It was originally here, this thing is called 'Feijian'? I like this, I have to keep it myself!" After that, no matter whether they will promise or not, they will break into it. In the arms.

Su Leng did not intend to stop it. The enemy's own things were better, but it was free.

Yu Yu saw a black cloth bag in the corner, and made up the past, opened it... snickered.

"I said you two, don't stand there, go over the other boxes and see if you like them. It's a fool to be cheap!"

Speaking like this, she began to drum up the things in the bag.

The two shrugged and started to open other boxes, but they didn't really want to take up the so-called 'small cheap', just... since they have turned them over, turn it over. Anyway, the purpose of coming here is just to let Lan Qin Yu have an addiction, can understand the Yanmen.

Just pass the time and insist on doing something right. For Su Leng, look at what kind of hidden weapon the opponent uses. It is also barely a reference... right?

Continue to say that the black cloth bag, in fact, also contains earth-shattering things, but it is a large bag of gunpowder, the raw materials used for firecrackers! A small stick and a stick that are a little thicker than the fingers, six bundled into a ball, and the middle of the stick is wired! Very classic little explosive.

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