Chapter 17

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||Hide and SEEK||

||Hide and SEEK||

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-The Bathtub-

Huddled together for warmth, Will and Pine sat in the shelter of Castle Byers. Pine took a hold of Will's hand, in hopes it would bring both of them some comfort in this dark world. Despite the bitter cold both 12-year-olds blushed slightly at the contact. But, no matter what happiness, awkwardness, or other emotion neither could describe it brought, they couldn't stop thinking of the fate that awaited them.

"Will do you hear that?" Said Pine

"No, what was it?" Questioned Will

Thump. Thump.

"What was that?" said Will, although he already knew, and dreaded, the answer.

The curtain door of Castle Byers was pushed open. However, it did net reveal the monster they'd feared but, a girl instead. She was the same girl Pine had seen in the void. Eleven was her name. She told both Pine and Will a few important things about home but, Pine was too dizzy from hunger and exhaustion to hear anything but "Thorn" and "hurry" before she disappeared.

Suddenly a huge shadow appeared and they looked up, frightened faces meeting the Demogorgon and all of its sharp teeth.

The two ran as fast as they could to the nearest shelter. Hawkins Middle School. The halls were covered in thick vines and the hallways increased the darkness. The many twists and turns of the building were both helpful and unhelpful in their efforts to run away. Pine was getting a horrid cramp from dehydration, enabling her from running very fast. The Demogorgon's steps could be heard nearing. It pounced on top of Pine and dragged her away from Will. She shivered against a wall, scanning for a way to escape. She wondered what Will was doing, and hoped to recklessly that he'd arrive soon. In truth, she wanted him to stay far away to keep himself safe.

Suddenly, the Demogorgon appeared once more. Pine curled herself into a tight ball and shut her eyes tighter as it crept nearer. The Demogorgon came so close to Pine that she could smell is horrible breath even while she was curled into the tight ball that she was. Pine heard quiet grunts in the distance. She opened her eyes and saw Will being dragged by the hideous monster, horrible scratches covering his body. 

"Will!" She tried to scream but, her voice came out in a whimper. 

The Demogorgon was distracted by some other noise and ran away. Pine felt vines crawl up around her and tie her to the wall right next to Will. Fear took over her eyes and as she tried to scream something crawled inside her. She could no longer breathe. Everything went black.

(Sorry for the super short chapter)


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