Chapter 13

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||Can you hear me?||

-The flea and the acrobat part III-

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-The flea and the acrobat part III-

(DISCLAIMER: some conversations are dialogue taken directly from the show. Ok, proceed.)

Will and Pine had been sitting in the living room of Will's house when they heard a noise. Faintly Should I Stay Or Should I Go played. Will perked up instantly recognizing where it came from.

"Mom?" He called

No response.

"MOM?!" He called again, with more urgency.

Pine watched with no particular emotion. It wasn't as if she was stone cold, it was only that there wasn't one specific emotion but, many instead. She was cold however, temperature wise, absolutely frozen solid. Will was as well.

Just then they heard a sound. It was the crunching of leaves outside. Something had found them. But it wasn't just something, Pine and Will knew this fair and well. The Demogorgon had found them. They had to leave. Will's tone became more urgent as he called out for his mother.

(I just realized this scene happens in the episode before this but, I don't want to rewrite all that so, here it is in this episode)

The music stopped abruptly.

"Mom?" Will whimpered

"Will?" She replied at a volume Pine and Will could barley here

"Mom?" He whimpered again "Mom?"

"Will!" The voice was still close to silent

The footsteps could be heard nearing. Fear crawled up both Pine and Will. Pine started shaking. She was cold, so cold. The world around them was dark, providing no light for warmth. She took a hold of Will's hand hoping that it would reassure her. Unfortunately it only reminded her that she was actually stuck here. She didn't let go though.

A slight murmur replied to Will's calls.

"Hello? Mom?"

A tear slid down Pine's cheek. Crying from fear. Slowly she turned her head to face Will. Tears slid down his pale face, fear evident in his eyes. They seemed to say "We're going to die here. I'm sorry... I'm sorry I couldn't protect you." Pine felt the same way, and her eyes shown it.

"Will," she whispered like if she'd spoken louder they'd both break "Out of all the people I could die beside, I'm glad it's you."

It came out a bit awkwardly worded but, Will understood. The two wrapped themselves around each other, crying silently on the others shoulder.

Frightening as it was in this world, the demogorgon scared the living daylights out of them.

Something moved, Pine detected out of the corner of her eye, the wallpaper moved. It was almost like it was being torn away from the other side.

"Will?" Pine said pointing to the wall. The boy noticed and both children ran to it.

"Mom?" Will continued looking around frantically.

Murmurs echoed through the room. Someone was trying to talk to them. Someone in Hawkins. Maybe their situation wasn't entirely hopeless.

The wall under the paper was red and almost see through. The outline of a figure could be seen on the other side. Though, everything was blurry through their tears. The demogorgon screeched causing both kids to start banging on the wall harshly with more strength than they thought they had. Weakly, Pine could just make out the face of Joyce Byers through the thick surface. Worried sick, she had her hands on the wall. Her hair was messy and her eyes shown tears, waiting to trickle down her cheeks.


"WE'RE STUCK!" Pine yelled

"PINE?!" Yelled Joyce, relief and fear in her voice.

"It's c-cold." Will shivered, huddling closer Pine in attempt to become warmer.

"But it's so dark! It's so dark!" Pine whimpered, snuggling into Will.

"MoM! MOM!!!"

"Listen to me, I'm gonna get you both outta there! Ok? But, right now I need you to- I NEED you to hide!"


"Please!" Pine pleaded

The Demogorgon's roars kept getting louder and LOUDER!

"Liston! Liston! I will find you! But both of you have to run! NOW! RUN!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!"

The wallpaper mended itself, the demogorgon busted into the room.

"WILL!" Pine screamed

He grabbed her hand and pulled her along as he started running. Their feet pounded the ground, Pine felt her heart beating violently. It was getting hard to breathe. They'd been exposed to this air for far too long. Still, they ran. They ran until their weak bodies couldn't run anymore and still they kept on running even after their bodies pleaded not to.

Pine collapsed. Her body falling hard into the mush they called ground.

"PINE!!!" Will screamed, tears streaming down his cheeks.

The demogorgon was nearing, its wretched howls piercing the air like knives.

Will was fading. He had enough energy to maybe get away by himself. However, he wasn't leaving Pine. His knees became weak as his eyes fluttered and black clouded his vision. His ears started to ring. He tried to hold it out, last a little longer.

The screeches became louder, the footsteps inched closer. Will fell to the ground, unable to support his light body any longer. He looked up slowly, shaking in fear. The monsters face opened up, displaying its many, many rows of sharp teeth. "This is it." Will thought "I'm going to die. We're going to die." He looked over to the unconscious girl lying next to him. He took her hand in his and whispered something in her ear.

"I'm sorry."

Then, the darkness that had threatened to take him before, consumed him. The world fading away from him. The last thing he saw was an older girl in a tattered pink blouse.

I have no clue what the crap just happened. I swear, this story is writing me.

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