067 Sneak into (3)

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It's good to stun people, but the hand is really painful. If it's not too dark now, you can find that your hands are red! Dead man, what is so hard on the head!

After escaping a few people who guarded the place, the three successfully entered the library of the cold weapons that Su Leng had explored in advance, a study room.

There was a calligraphy and painting hanging next to the bookshelf. Su Leng took a picture of the painting, the wall leaked out, knocked twice, and the wall collapsed into a square. He lived, showing a small handle-like thing, turning to the left, The bookshelf moved and silently opened a curve that was enough for an adult to enter.

Very wonderful secret room! Although it is a bit common to have mechanisms behind the calligraphy and painting, it is necessary to knock on the wall twice to reveal the mechanisms. It is more careful. If ordinary people see that there is nothing on the wall, there will be no reason. Say this.

But who are they, the elite of the secret door! The door and the left are here, will this be the case? Qing Xun... Since Lan Qin Yu has entered the secret door, he is also a half-doorman!

Inside the bookshelf is a narrow road that is not too spacious. It took about 5 minutes to see a relatively large space.

"Wow! This is too exaggerated. These, are these boxes full of weapons?" There are probably dozens of large boxes in a hundred flat spaces, and there are a few boxes with some ropes and the like.

"Most of them are hidden weapons. The killer is not suitable for large weapons. Most of them are small hidden weapons that are easy to carry and are not easy to be discovered. The power of the hidden weapon is small, but if it is a person who is proficient in acupuncture points or uses poison, It will be a perfect use of these hidden weapons. Fu Yan is also a master of poison. The most commonly used hidden weapon is that Yao Chen made the 'instant needle' three days ago, and it is also a kind of poisonous poison in the dark door poison.

Very toxic, just useless to her, haha!

In the wind , Ji Lin said that he still feels a lot when she is not poisoned. Now he has a poisons but nothing to discover, this body is good! Anti-drug!

"Is these all the hidden weapons of Yanmen?" If they were destroyed at one time, wouldn't that give them a big hit?

Su Leng shook his head. "No one will be stupid enough to store all the hidden weapons in the door. These are only some of them, and some will be scattered elsewhere, just to prevent someone from destroying or stealing."

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