066 Sneak into (2)

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Treacherous Enough!

The main door of the secret door, the main figure of the front door, the old man of Lan Qin Yu is so traitorous, it is estimated that the main door of Yanmen is also a bad old man!

Weapons library... There must be some ammunition in the weapon library, and there should be some explosives. Hey... Look at her and wait for the next Mawei!

The three easily reached the house and stopped at the highest dark side of the house, carefully watching the guards inside. Sure enough, after coming in, you will find that there are only two seemingly overlooking gatekeepers outside the door, which should be more cautious.

Every 3 minutes, 4 people patrolled back and forth, quietly observed for half an hour, saw no less than 10 'patrolman', and Qin Yu was very speechless and found that 10 batches of people did not repeat once, that is Say... these people add up to the 40th! Fuck!

Do you need to be so cautious? Be cautious... too much!

Lan Qin Yu's martial arts can't do it, so she didn't realize that she was hiding in the dark. She was responsible for searching for the deployment of people like them who came to the night attack. I only know that under the reminder of Su Leng... there are 5 secret stalks in their vicinity!

"Qingxun, you are responsible for the two on your side, Su Leng, you are responsible for the two on my left hand side, I am responsible for one, try your hand first." Under normal circumstances, people hiding in the dark are compared to those in the bright spot. The martial arts is a little higher, she really only learns martial arts in a few days, no need to be responsible for two!

I looked at each other and flew to my target person!

"Hey--" Qin Yu took a slap from her prey and made a sound, but fortunately the following people did not notice.

The prey was stunned by a hand knife of Lan Qin Yu, and fell down. Qin Yu made a victory pose to the opposite two! V! This is a good start! Although the technique is not proficient enough, it is not bad to find out that it is almost found out, it is not bad!

At least, when the hand knife was hit, it was full of addiction and anger! Of course, this is not to say that the prey is venting anger. Just when it comes to the hand knife, she will think of the two hits by Feng Jilin, saying that she is too vengeful. The two notes really made her suffer a lot. She didn't sleep well for a few days because of her neck pain! Thinking of this, just a note of the prey is a lot more than I thought before, explored his breath, and there is gas, but fortunately did not hang!

Su Leng said that this brain if not careful, it is very likely that a person will kill someone! There are also special brains in the door to complete the task, those are experts.

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