065 Sneak into (1)

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Late at night, eleven o'clock.

How could the ancients know exactly 11 o'clock? Because it is even more!

"dong! - Dong! Dong! Heaven is dry, careful fire! Oh! - ----dong! Dong!" The ancient husband was really hard, much harder than the younger ones in modern clubs!

People clubbing is to play, even if you play crazy, play tired, are also voluntary, playing crazy is also very happy, but people do not sleep in the middle of the night to play more, just to earn so little money, estimated enough to marry a wife with ......

Su Leng, Qing Xun and Lan Qin Yu, three people dressed in night clothes, shuttled to the roofs, and dispersed into Yanmen.

After flying for about ten minutes, Su Leng, who led the way in front, stopped and slammed on a slightly elevated roof, indicating that they also stopped and lowered their voices.

"Is it there?"

In front of it is a very ordinary house, saying that it is old is not old, saying that the house is  new it is not new, that is, the house is not even eye-catching? high!

There are two people in the gate who are guarded by the house, but those who have a little eyesight will carefully observe the two family members and they will find that their eyes are too serious, not like ordinary family.

It's almost 12 o'clock now! The ancients generally slept relatively early. At this time, people generally slept very deeply. At this time, most of the family members were also disturbed by sleeping insects. It was only sleepy, and at least she had never seen any family members who were late in the night, knowing that they were almost Some people will move around, and they will be so loyal to the goalkeeper! Stupid people!

"Yes, that's where it is the biggest of the five scattered locations that have been hidden from the headquarters."

The biggest?

"Su Leng, are you playing me? Where... is it really the biggest one?" She asked the moon to go to the secret door the day before yesterday. He thought it was why? Just to see how big the secret door is, and guessing how wide the Yanmen place is, just to prevent them from taking care of her safety, take her to the most remote small place and confuse her!

This is obviously how can such a small broken place be the biggest? The biggest?

  If you said it was the smallest, she will believe it right away!

"The door is assured, Su Leng guarantees that this is definitely the biggest of the five places. Qing Xun can also testify! However, the door of Yanmen is not stupid, and will not deliberately make people see that this is an important scattered place. Next to the house, there are two small houses on the other side, and there is a secret passage under the open space. It is the location of the few weapons warehouses in Yanmen."

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