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Jolene Malai- 14 years old. A biracial child, was sheltered most of her life, small in size, and still has strong feelings for her ex. Although she is biracial, she has dark skin and keeps her hair as natural as possible.
Phil Walker- 16 years old. Jolene's protector and friend, although mediocre in build he's strong. Claims the love that he has for her is like sibling love but...
Adam Martin- 16 years old. Jolene's ex-boyfriend, has a facade of arrogance to hide his insecurities and his reason for breaking up with her is revealed slowly. Has a stud piercing on his right ear and a helix and industrial piercing on his left.
Jacqueline Turner- 17 years old. Your typical entitled, privileged popular girl, but instead of sashaying around and flipping her hair while making mean remarks, she threatens the lives of everyone in the school. Using her parents' position to get away with whatever the hell she wants, including truancy.
Gilroy Turner- 17 years old. Jacqueline's twin brother, same attitude but with a nastier bite and more insane.
(Notes: All characters are of Non-European origins, aka not white, they are Black, the majority of students within their school are Asian, Black, Pacific Islander, Latinx or a combination of either 3. As such messages about certain types of love, and beauty standards should be the message, with the actors acting as messengers. Final note, it may sound strange but the two main female characters in this piece wear certain types of stockings, Jacqueline wears violet as it's the color associated with the Biblical sin of Pride, while Jolene wears blue, Jacqueline's stockings should be lacy and sexy, held with garter belts, Jolene's stocking should be cutesy with candy patterning, or animal patterned)

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