Part 1 When Albus Calls

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"Lumos!" - a small beam of light shot out from the tip of your wand illuminating your footsteps

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"Lumos!" - a small beam of light shot out from the tip of your wand illuminating your footsteps.
The whole view briefly flashed amongst lightning - Glorious Hogwarts stood right in front of your eyes midst the shivery weather.

These spine chilling hours had the wizardly school overflown with fresh puddles formed by the bursting down rain.
A black satchel laid comfortably upon your shoulders as the drenched, dark robes clothed you inside the warm office of Albus Dumbledore. A hot tea cup in your hands spread a welcoming, sweet aroma. You were peacefully chatting to the man eye to eye.

"Why me?" - curiously, you asked.

"10 years of studying and analyzing the defense against the dark arts, 5 years of teaching it, extra 10 of exploring other magic not to mention the 5 years you've spent capturing and interrogating death eaters. I see no other more fit for the job." - he lifted his cup up to his lips and sipped on the drink "Besides, I've heard you were quite a charmer in your teenage years."

"With all respect, professor, I am not who I was"

"You are correct." - he replied, lowering his mug "You are wiser. Much wiser. Therefore way more cautious, experienced and most importantly you are not as naïve. You'd know what to expect and you'd see right through him. You are the only one I would trust with such a task."

You inhaled the sugary aroma escaping your cup, drank some of the delicious liquid inside, then looked into Albus' eyes "What do you want me to do precisely?"

He gently laid his drink down on his desk before folding his fingers "I'd like you to get close to him. Close enough to reveal his plans, his secrets, his aims, anything. Anything that could save all these lives that he's taken over the years, hundreds maybe even thousands of them"

"That's ridiculous... I'm sorry but it wouldn't work, he has a heart made out of stone" - you hissed in disbelief "And even if it did, what am I supposed to do after?"

"That would be for you to figure out"

"For me to figure out? With all respect sir, that's like a blind man trying to ride a broom- a very poor plan."

"It may succeed or turn into an utter miss. There still is a chance."

"How much of a chance?"

"Depends how advanced you shall be about it - approximately 40%"

Your eyes widened in disbelief "You want me to throw my current life away for a 40% chance of changing the mind of a sociopath?"

"He was not born a monster, he was made one" - Albus pulled away from his desk and got off his chair, slowly starting to stroll around the office "His mother passed shortly after giving birth and his only father left them way prior. Poor woman thought her love would not leave her once he found out about the upcoming son. However, unfortunately,  she could not have been more wrong. As the love potion wore off..---"

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