Chapter 2

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Starbucks 9:55 pm

Darren's pov

I feel weird since I met the girl in the mall. Man I have to say she's kinda cute with her chinita eyes .I wonder what is this 'serious' thing she's gonna tell me though. Oh I guess she's here

Your pov

I rushed to the hospital to tell my sister what happened.

"Really ate? You will meet later?"

"Yes,Do you want to come?"

"No No!~ You know your sister's condition ___"My mom butted in

My sister's lips formed a pout

"I'll just change my clothes mom"

"sure anak ;)"

Mmmm Which one ow this one :) Heeey wait a second Why am I like this? D_O I don't usually pick my clothes O.O weird

So I wore a black shirt , Some teal jeans and ofcourse Sneakers♥

I went out of my room and kissed my mom goodbye. I hailed a taxi to starbucks.

I went in and was surprised to see Darren arive early.

"Hi" he said with a smile showing his dimples

"H-Hi " I added shyly

"Um I'm sorry did you wait too long?" I asked with a hint of guilt in my tone

"No , Not at all I actually just arrived"


"And by the way did I disturb you in your schedule?"

"Nope" said

"Oh" I added


"So what was the 'serious thing' ? "

finally Darren decided to break the ice

"Um actually My sister is kinda you know very sick and um... She kinda idolizes you and I'm asking if um can you go visit her before she dies please I'd do anything" I asked Darren with sadness in my eyes

"Sure , And I'm really sorry about your sister"

"Really? Thankyou so much Darren what can i do to repay you?"

"Oh it's nothing :) Umm I don't need it actually it's fine no big deal"

"No please I insist"

"Ok then,lets just say I haven't decided yet :)"

"Okay thankyouuu :D very much"

"You're welcome :) and can I bring Lynelle too?"

"Lynelle?" I asked with a 'who's that ' face

"My little sister :) Can I bring her if you don't mind ?"

"Sure Sure :D it's fine :)"

"Thanks :)"

"Oh I almost forgot here I got you a drink" He said as he pushed a cup of Choco Chip Frappe towards me

"Oh Thankyou!~ What do you want?"

"I had my Drink already"

"Really? Oh I feel so thicked face . Let me pay you"

"No Don't please it's nothing :) my treat"

"Thanks" I said shyly

he just smiled

I checked the.time its already 11pm

I gotta go..

"Um Darren?"


"Um I gotta go Thanks for everything"

"Welcome and by the way can I have your number? so I can text you my vacant time"

"Oh sure" We exchanged numbers


"Do you want me to send you to your house? :)"

"No No please you've done too much for me already I'm fine really :)"

"Oh okay :) just call me if you encounter people who are you know,gangstas and you know stuff like that"

"Um okay :) thanks for everything bye :)"

I turned my back on him and hailed a taxi.When I went in the taxi,I felt my cheeks blush


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