Come Back

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Kris' POV
"IT WAS ALL TRUE! TAO BELIEVE ME!" I yelled desperately.
Honestly, I have no idea why I said those things to Suho. And Tao heard it all. I wasn't bored. Tao was enough. I just wanted... A new experience?
And with me wanting it, it broke my relationship in half.
I feel broken. I need Tao.
I walked around the park, and I saw Chen. I heard what happened between him and Xiumin, and as much as I will hate it, I'm going to talk to him.
He looked up, tears already formed in his eyes.
"What do you want?" He harshly replied back. I said down next to him, yawning. "Go back to him. As much as it hurts, go back to Xiumin." He clenched his hands.
"Why should I? He started it all. He took you to the alley, he removed his own clothes, he called out for you, it's like he had this planned from the start!"
I sighed and got up, stretching a little.
"You have no idea how much we both regret it. Chen, we know we did an unforgivable thing, but sometime, you'll have to forgive us. Everyone will have to forgive us. There were no mutual feelings going around when we did it. And I deeply apologize for being a part of it. No one likes losing. And I lost to Xiumin." I patted his back and left.
I shrugged my shoulders. "Xiumin was able to get me, after I thought I was able to get rid of him. He liked you the moment he first laid eyes on you. He was never that way around me. He wouldn't blush, he wouldn't stutter, he wouldn't let most of things that happened between you, happen. Not with me or anyone. He even told me and Tao, he didn't want me to know that I succeeded in getting him away from me, so he did the first thing that came to his mind, even though it wasn't the smartest thing to do."
Chen put his hands up to his forehead. "I need a break. Bye."
I waved goodbye and left going back to my place. Nothing exc- Wait! Tao will be there! I can talk to him there! I ran to my place.
No One's POV
"Tao!" Kris yelled the moment he opened the door. He look in kitchen, the bathroom, living room, his room, the guest room but he couldn't find Tao at all. But Tao's belongings where still here, not yet packed. Kris sighed and sat down on the couch.
"Tao please, come back to me. I'm sorry. You have no idea how much I regret everything I did with Xiumin." Kris told himself, as if Tao was there.
But in reality, Tao was outside, and entered just in time to hear Kris apologize. Tao crept up the stairs, but not before he felt arms around his waist pulling him into a back-hug. He instantly knew it was Kris. Being that they were the only 2 in the house and he could recognize Kris' touches anytime.
"What do you want?" Tao asked, pulling away, at least, trying to get out as much as he didn't want to.
"I want you. I want us back together." Kris whispered, tickling Tao's neck. "No, it's your fault for doing this. I won't forgive you easily. I'm leaving tomorrow."
Kris turned Tao around, "Where to? You don't have your home anymore since you moved in with me." Tao shrugged his shoulders. "I can survive out in the streets."
Kris' eyes widened and he had a firm grip on Tao's shoulders. "No way! I won't let you live out there!" Tao let out a small smile.
"You know, I loved how you were protective of me. Why do you still care? You have Xiumin now."
"I LOVE YOU TAO! NOT XIUMIN!" Kris yelled, scaring Tao. Kris let go of Tao and slid down against the wall. Head between his knees. "Tao, please. Don't you know how I regret that night? I regret it so much. I love you Tao." Kris softly spoke, but loud enough for Tao to hear. Tao's response nearly killed Kris.
"But I don't love you anymore. I lost all feelings when I stepped into this house again." With that, Tao turned around and left Kris downstairs, all alone.
"So, Spring Bring is coming next week, so you guys have any plans?" Chanyeol asked, trying to lighten the gloomy and scary mood going around the lunch table. Everyone shook their heads but Kris.
"Mm? Where are you going?" Baekhyun asked. "Canada." Kris replied, making Tao nearly choke in his soda. "Why?" Again, Baekhyun asked.
Kris shrugged his shoulders. "To visit my family."
Baekhyun pouted. "Oh well. Guys, want to come with me and Channie? We're going camping!" Baekhyun said excitedly, trying to lighten up the mood. Luhan's eyes shot up and he smiled widely. "Sure, me and Sehun will come!" Suho and Lay nodded their heads. "We'll come too." Chen looked up at Xiumin, wanting to know if he was going. "I guess, I'll go too.."
"I'm coming then." Chen said, right after Xiumin replied, making him blush.
Tao hesitated but nodded his head. "I'll try." Kris stared at Tao, then said, "I can meet up with my family some other time. I'll come." He turned his head to look at Chanyeol and Baekhyun. Chanyeol smiled and clapped his hands. "It's set then. We'll meet this Friday at my place and leave that night then."
-Friday Night-
"Baekhun? Where's the toothpaste?" Chanyeol asked as he entered the kitchen to see Baekhyun putting some snacks in the bag. "Oh, I packed it?" Chanyeol laughed. "Baek, we need it before we leave tonight."
"Y-yeah." Baekhyun blushed as Chanyeol passed him and kissed his cheek. "You're so cute Baek." Chanyeol winked at Baekhyun. "Y-"
The doorbell rang and Baekhyun sighed as he went to open it. "Oh! Xiumin, Chen! Glad you could make it!" Baekhyun was surprised to see them together, but still smiled as it seemed they fixed some of their problems. "So excited! I want to go fishing!" Exclaimed Xiumin. Chen silently laughed leading Xiumin to where Baekhyun pointed was the living room.
"We're here!" Luhan yelled as he opened the door himself and running straight to the kitchen to get a snack, which involved Baekhyun screaming and trying to get Luhan to stop eating all the food. "Channie! Sehun! Help me!" Luhan continued eating, then laughed. "Hahah-omhp..uughh.." Luhan stopped laughing and held onto his neck. His face turned purple and Sehun ran. "He's choking? How do we do this?! Luhan!"
Chanyeol came from behind and was able to remove the food clogged in Luhan's throat. "Ah!" Luhan breathed in, thanking Chanyeol and running towards Sehun.
"Yo, everything okay?"
They all looked up to see Kris and right behind him, Tao. Luhan nodded his head, and Kris went to get Luhan a glass of water. "Drink it."
"O-okay." Kris had left the kitchen, Tao glaring at Luhan and scaring him. "Why?" Luhan asked, involving Tao sighing and leaving, going upstairs to the other bathroom.
Tao's POV
I hate this!
Why did Kris do that?! Luhan has Sehun, and Sehun can take of Luhan just fine!
Kris had no reason to interfere! One question was enough!
I took a deep breath and looked up in the mirror.
My eye bags are getting deeper.
And it's all Kris' fault! Because of him I can't sleep well! I miss his arms around my waist, sleeping with me. I miss those small lips that would kiss me good morning and night. I miss his smile, his touch, him boasting off his artistic drawing skills, even though they were really bad.
I turned on the faucet and splashed my face with water, then took a little drink.
"It'll be okay Tao." I told myself.
*No it won't! You need Kris. You'll die without him!*
"Whoa, shut up mind, I don't need you. Kris was just a second love."
*As if! You love Kris and you know it. I know it!*
"No I don't, I even told him that."
"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!!" I yelled, hitting my head too hard. I started crying. Why did I tell him I didn't love him anymore. I opened one of the drawers and saw a razor.
"Will these ease my pain?"
I shut my eyes and put the razor right on top of my wrist.
Xiumin's POV
"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!!"
I heard Tao yelling upstairs, so did Chen. We exchanged worried glances and ran up the stairs, Baekhyun, Luhan, and Sehun following in suit.
I was the first to open the door and saw a scared but determined Tao about to cut himself.
"Tao!" I yelled but he didn't stop. He had the razor pressed down firmly on his skin. Blood slowly oozing out.
"Should I stop? It hurts." Tao silently said.
"Tao, please, yes, stop." He opened his eyes and turned his face towards my direction. He glared at me. "You're at fault for this." He said, looking back at his wrist and pressing down harder. Baekhyun stormed in and was about to take the razor away when Tao did some move and held Baekhyun, pointing the razor under his chin, right on a blue vein.
"Tao.." Baekhyun breathed out. Tao started crying, poking Baekhyun every now and then. "He doesn't love me anymore!" Tao yelled, removing Baekhyun from his grip. Baekhyun ran out, calling for someone. "Chen." Chen looked up at Tao.
"Why are you guys together? Why am I not with Kris?" Tao had asked Chen.
"Tao, I don't know what you told Kris or what Kris told you, but me and Xiumin, we talked things out, and I forgave him."
Tao sat down on the toilet seat. "Maybe I'm not meant to find love. I mean, first love was Sehun. And now look, he's with Luhan." Sehun looked down and said. "Tao, I thought I loved you, but I love Luhan more. I know you love Kris and that he loves you."
I looked back down the stairs and saw Lay running up. "Where's Tao?" He asked me.
I pointed right in front of me.
No One's POV
Lay ran past Xiumin, entering the bathroom and hugging Tao and whispering to him.
"Tao, please stop this. Don't hurt yourself, don't hurt others." Lay had said as Tao dropped the razor.
"Lay... I told him I didn't love him anymore... What am I going to do?!" Tao started crying again, hugging Lay tightly.
"First, let's fix your cut." Lay suggested, washing the wrist and wrapping it in a bandage. "Tao, I think you should apologize to Baekhyun. You scared the poor boy." Tao nodded his head, leaving the restroom, having Sehun and Luhan wipe away the blood and Xiumin and Chen going downstairs to tell Kris what had happened.
"I'm sorry Baekhyun, for what I did. I never would want to hurt you!" Tao apologized. Baekhyun softly smiled, hugging Tao and telling him it was okay, not to worry.
"Hey, we forgot to invite Kyungsoo and Kai." Chanyeol said we he walked in on Tao and Baekhyun hugging. Baekhyun pulled back and shook his head. "Don't worry, I talked to them. They'll meet us at the campsite." Chanyeol nodded his head as he eyed Tao. "Okay then. Baek, I need your help." Baekhyun followed Chanyeol so Tao went outside in the backyard.
"Tao! Are you okay?!" Tao jumped up startled, hearing someone yell his name. He turned and saw Kris, standing there, eyes with worried and wet, tears about to come out. Kris walked closer, looking down at Tao's wrist. "Tao.."
Tao turned around and sat back down. "It hurts you know?" Tao whispered out. "Yeah, I know." Tao gasped and widened his eyes. Kris sat down next to Tao and sighed. "I cut myself too, when you left me." Kris lifted his shirt, showing the scars on his waist. Tao looked down and felt tears about to come down. His hand ran over the scars.
"Didn't you love me?"
"I still do."
"Don't you regret it?"
Tao sighed and wiped away his tears. "Then why'd you do it in the first place?"
With that, Tao stood up. "And I can't bring myself to stop loving you either."
Kris looked back up at Tao, about to say something when Tao said, "I'm tired, I'm going to nap." Leaving Kris outside, alone.

(A/N): Just saying, if in life, something bad happens to you.. Please, PLEASE don't use self harm. I know I put it in a book but I'm NOT promoting it. Take care of yourself, please. There are people out there who love YOU and care for YOU.

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