The plan for Drac!

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Griffin shook his head, „ has been a while that he smiled, since the break up."

The invisible man had a point; no one had seen him happy since then. They all assumed that I might be the best thing that is happening to Drac. This gave them an idea. To keep him happy, I had to be around him more often.

"Okay, let's think this through. What do N/A and dad have in common?" Lora, Connor and Jonny thought for a minute. All three knew that I am a workaholic, studying nonstop. Drac was just the same with his hotel. As she demanded more ideas, raised Lora her voice, "We got plenty, stubborn, sarcastic, mean and a man hater."

"Man hater?" Mavis was confused at the statement.

Connor interrupted her question, "She doesn't hate men...she hates to date men, there is a difference. Anyway, she is also friendly, kind, caring, sweet and a good friend." Jonny agreed on this, while Mavis smiled wide. "Wonderful, she and dad are so much like each other...what could go wrong?"

While they were getting a plan together, Drac and I were at my room.

Once inside, he led me to the bathroom. He pointed at a few things, "Okay, there are the towels, here the shampoo and shower gel and here a robe. Is there anything else you need?" I shook my head no, as he made his way out. Suddenly, I had something to ask, "Dracula, I got a question!"

He came back in, "Yes?"

"Is my luggage outside?" he turned his head to find my red bag.

"Yes, it is here" he said, hoping to leave soon.

"Could you get some things for me?" He wanted to know why he should do that, which I explained simple, "The drool is making the room dirty."

He sighted loud, getting my luggage on my bed, "What is it that you need?!"

"Ehm...a shirt, some pants..." I said, while he went through my stuff. Normally, everyone should expect to find other important parts of clothing inside, but Drac didn't pay attention. Till it was too late, he blushed horribly as his hands held one of my bras.

"Oh boy!" he said, feeling extremely uncomfortable with this.

"Oh...and I need some socks, underwear and a bra!"

Drac didn't like where this was going, holding the items in his hands. It got worse as he peeked into the bath, seeing me get undressed. He shut his eyes closed, hearing the clothes fall to the floor. I looked at him, chuckling at the sight, "Relax, it is only my back."

"Your bra was enough for today" he mumbled, "Okay I leave you to it, call if you need something else." Inside his mind, he was praying that I won't. Before I could ask anything, he was out of the door.

I was lying in this giant bath tub now, washing the drool off me. Once done I relaxed, looking at the cape before me. "I have to return it later on" I said out loud. But then, I had to chuckle, Drac's face was priceless. He looked like a deer, caught in headlights. I have to admit...he is kind of cute.


I pulled my head down into the warm water. I came here to relax...not to get a man. Once I was out of the bath, I lied in my new clothes on my bed. I got my diary out and began to write about my day...especially about the shy vampire. I assumed, once those thoughts are written down, they won't bother me anymore and it worked most of the time.

But not this time.

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