I brush my long blonde hair. This is one of the things I refuse to get rid of during my transformation. My room is pretty plain considering I live a double life. It all started back in the fourth grade.


My whole life I have never been much of a girly girl. I always tried ignoring the snide comments from US students. Having a British and Arabic accent mix made me more of an outcast. My parents were clueless about my change since I left every morning as Rose Marie Steffenson, but transformed at the local gas station into Brent Steffenson. I became popular quickly, and luckily my school let us wear hats because I wasn’t about to cut my long blonde hair. My life had become way better, but it was hard living a double life, and it had many close calls.

*Back to the Present*

Brent Steffenson still exists and so does Rose. I grab my Cincinnati Reds hat and adjust it so my bangs appear like a Justin Bieber hair style. I don’t even resemble a girl much anymore. “Rose! I’m taking you to Nandos,” Lily yells from the other end of our flat. Lily has been my best friend since high school. She was born and raised in Ireland, while I was born in London and raised in America. Different I know. Now we live together in England. Nandos is my absolute favorite restaurant. Dinner is always the best there. “Come on lad, I’m starving.” I walk out of my room and we head towards Nandos.

We are soon seated in a booth behind a group of five guys, they all are wearing colorful sweatshirts with the hoods up and sunglasses. Not suspicious at all. I sit down anyways. Lily and I don’t bother looking at the menu. We’ve been here so much that we know what we want already. Our waitress comes up and introduces herself as Meghan she is ginger and has an American accent. We order a lot. Lily thinks then orders a chicken wrap, a double portion of curly chips, ten chicken wings and a good beer. Lily is Irish so she always drinks. It sort of rubbed off on me.

I hear mutters from the table behind us. Ignoring it I order. Two full chickens, two more portions of curly chips, ten wings and a beer for me as well. The waitress gives us a glare. We glare back, we may be girls but we have the appetites of grown men. More whispers from behind us. I make out six words, Niall they eat more than you, one of them turns around. He has bleach blonde hair and electric blue eyes. He looks at us and tilts his glasses.

“Did you seriously just order all that, I didn’t even order that much. And I eat a ton,” The boy was obviously Irish. He seemed to be checking out Lily, I turn more and clear my throat. I am dressed as Brent and I wasn’t about to watch this guy mind rape my best friend. “Oh am I interrupting something,” He points to both of us. Lily laughs.

“Hell no, we’re just really good friends,” Niall looks really relieved after I basically shout that.

“Oh, just ‘really good’ friends,” A guy pipes up. He looks about the oldest and had brown hair.

“Shut up Lou,” I hear a guy say with the kind of accent as me.

“What Zaynie-poo! I was just stating the facts,” Lou starts crying into another guy’s shoulder as the guy comforted him. This is strange, who are they?

“You want to sit with us,” Zayn asks. Lily nods quickly, she obviously knows who they were, I have no clue. Lou perks up and grabs the table for two next to their booth and rams it up against their booth making room for us. The guys introduce themselves. Harry is the one comforting Lou, whose actual name is Louis. The ‘s’ is silent. Zayn is quiet, the exact opposite of me so I sit next to him. Lily sits next to the guy who was checking her out, Niall. Liam sits next to him; he seems to keep all the boys in line.

Meghan clearly isn’t pleased about our move, but she doesn’t say anything. We get our food and proceed stuffing our faces. Lily and I finish way before the boys and they look at us in shock.”What? We’re fast eaters. When you live with two big eaters you learn to eat fast so you can get more,” I say.