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•||Ch4: Spend a night||•

•||Ch4: Spend a night||•

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||Sania POV||

I swallowed looking around. I ran away from my village in which I succeeded. I was in another village now which was miles away from my village. This all happened when I jumped in the train which had crops in it and that passed from our village once in a week.

I took bottle out of my bag and gulped the water. I was running since morning and now it was midnight. I saw a small looking old storage house.

I went inside the storage house and looked around. I had to spend my night here then I will again run in the morning to the city. This village was far from my village so if they knew that I ran away then it was going to take a little more time for them to find me.

One hour passed but I was not sleeping yet. I heard someone mumbling cursing words and locked of the door. I quickly stood up and picked the tool near me.

I tiptoed and saw a man. He turned around and shouted in panic, "What are you doing? Are you gonna kill me?" I pointed the tool towards him and said in shivering voice, "Be quiet. Will you. You tell me first who are you and what are you doing here?"

He narrowed his eyes at and said in normal voice, "Some kids send me here and now they locked the door." I looked at him with wide eyes and dropped the tool. What? Locked?

But I had to run in the morning before the sun rise. He looked at me for a second then quickly looked away. He looked around and sat on the floor with a sigh. "Now you tell me what are you doing here?" he asked still looking around.

I rolled my dupatta on my fingers and looked away thinking what to answer him. "I.. Ugh.. am..," I shuttered and didn't know what to say more. He raised his eyebrows at me. "I am going somewhere but you see its midnight and I have nowhere to stay so." He slowly nodded his head.

I sighed in relief but suddenly panicked. What if someone from this village saw us together? Because we both were alone here in the storage. "What?" he asked casually like he didn't care if he trapped here with a girl.

I stomped my feet on the floor and stood near him, "Why are you so relax? Don't you think about others? Think what happened if anyone saw us together and alone? They will assume wrong things, don't you think. Wait a second to whom I am talking? A man who don't have mind and can't even think."

He narrowed his eyes at me and said calmly, "Listen miss whoever you are, why are you so panic? We both know we are not going to take advantage of this loneliness and what about people? It's their habit to gossips around. So please now don't eat my brain."

He stood up and walked to the other side. I sighed looking around and laid back on the floor. I looked around in search of the man but I didn't find him. What if he was a killer or worst a rapist? What he was a serial killer to whom police was searched?

I took a deep breath and relaxed myself. I tried my best not to think about him but one thing was which I couldn't took out my mind was his beautiful eyes and voice.

I hit my head with my hand and mumbled, "What am I thinking? Stupid me." I turned around and hugged myself. I had to do first thing in morning to quickly reach city with all the clues which were in my bag. I closed my eyes and let the darkness took me.


I turned to the left side and hissed. I quickly opened my eyes and sat up. I rubbed my left injured shoulder and took deep breaths and tried to forget about this pain.

I stood up and looked around. The sun was shining and it rays were coming inside the storage through the small holes. I walked around and suddenly tripped over something. I screamed and fell on something hard.

I opened my eyes and saw same stranger. He opened his beautiful eyes quickly. My hands were in his chest feeling his warm shin. Wait warm skin? Where the fabric gone? I looked down at his chest and screamed because he was shirtless.

He rolled me underneath him and put his one hand on my mouth to stop me screaming and other put beside me to lift his self. I looked at him with wide eyes and felt my heart beat fast. "Why are you screaming?" he asked aggressively.

I tried my best not to look at his chest again. "I ask you something," he said annoyingly removing his hand. Both of our faces were too close that we could feel each other breath.

I looked in his beautiful eyes again and stared at him. I felt like our time stopped because both of us were staring at each other without blinking.

We both looked away when we heard the door open and heard many gasped. I looked at the door with wide eyes in fear and then back at him who was also looking at people in panicked. We both were in same position.

I quickly pushed him and stood up. He also stood up beside me and we both looked at people who were mumbling,

"How shameless they are."

"Ya Allah! They both were alone."

"They spent a whole night together."

"Don't tell me they did something here."

I panicked more and opened my mouth to explain but cut off. "You both spend the whole night here alone," said an old man. I looked down and rubbed my thumbs together. "You both did a sin. Now ready for the punishment," he said stern voice. What punishment? But we didn't do anything.



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