“I’m just gonna check out the upstairs.”

“I’ll join you.” Violet stood up.

            The two of us walked upstairs together. The wood creaked with every move we made, but I’m sure the girls downstairs didn’t notice. We could hear them laughing and talking loudly through the floor.

“They’re so annoying.” Violet sighed once we found what I assumed to be the bedroom.

“Yeah, but you gotta love them.” I gave her a half smile.

“No, I don’t love them.” She sat down on the bed, and I sat next to her.

“Then why do you hang out with them?” I asked, confused.

“Because you hang out with them, and I just want to spend time with you.” Violet looked into my eyes, and before I had a chance to react, her lips were pressed against mine in a perfect kiss.

“Wake up, sleepy head!” I was shot out of my beautiful dream to find Maddi standing over me.

“Oh, God.” I rubbed my eyes. “I over slept.”

“Yeah, I noticed.” Maddi giggled.

“Where’s Violet?”

“You have no good food.” Violet walked in as soon as I finished speaking.

How weird.

“I’m sorry.” I chuckled.

“Nice bed hair.” Violet ruffled my hair.

            Maddi and Violet both sat down on my bed. All three of us talked. We talked normally, as if nothing happened this year—nothing bad at least. It was like nothing changed between any of us. Everything was normal and perfect.

            All of us seemed to be in really good moods, including Violet. I guessed that we all just needed a break from each other. With everything that was happening at the time, we were all unbelievably stressed and paranoid. A break was the only thing we needed.

“Dade, wanna know what you should do?” Violet spoke. Maddi and her shared a knowing look.

“It’ll be really fun.” Maddi added as though she knew what Violet was going to say.

“What?” I groaned, admittedly afraid of what they were thinking of.

“You should get us food.” Maddi smiled, and Violet nodded eagerly beside her.

“Fine, fine. I’ll get you whatever I have.”

            They both called out ‘thanks’ when I left the room. I ran down the stairs and collected whatever I could find from the kitchen. Violet was right, though, we barely had any food. We had a bunch of boxes of cereal, fruit snacks, and a few random boxes of junk food. I grabbed as much as I could, and ran back upstairs to Maddi and Violet.

            When I got up there, both girls were huddled over a piece of paper. My heart stopped when I noticed my drawer open. They found Bellie’s suicide note. I dropped everything in my arms and pulled the paper out of their grip.

“What the fuck is that?” Violet’s eyes were wide and angry. “She had a fucking suicide note, and you didn’t tell us!?”

“Did you finish it?” I asked timidly.

“Of course we fucking finished it! And you love me? What the hell, Dade!?”

“Violet, let me explain…”

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