Chapter 5

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We made it Vegas in record time. I spent the rest of the ride immersed in my writing. Thankfully, Landon and the others let me be. Stepping out of Aiden's SUV, I stretched my cramped muscles and stared at the Bellagio looming in the distance.

"What now, Myr?" I asked.

"Now," Dillon said, "the two of you will stay with us."

I quirked a brow at him and pursed my lips. "No, I don't think so."

"You are seriously a Negative Nancy," Myrla replied. She faced Dillon and smiled. "We accept your offer, Mr. Mackenzie."

He returned her smile. "Please, call me Dillon. Everyone else does. We've rented several penthouse suites here at the hotel. Chance, you and Myrla will be staying in the one Landon and Randy were going to share. I'll request a new room for them in just a little bit. Stop by the front desk and ask for a key to your new room."

Myrla pumped her fist in the air. "Yes!"

Aiden tossed the keys to the SUV at the attendant waiting nearby once he slid out of the vehicle. He approached Myrla and grinned, wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

"Shall we head on inside?"

Myrla nodded and leaned against him. "Uh-huh.

The two of them walked toward the hotel's main doors with the rest of the group following in their wake. Aside from me and Dillon, of course.

"So . . ." he said.

I stared into his hazel eyes. "Yes?"

"You've anything you want to do before the concert?"

"Not really. We've what . . . two hours before it starts?"

Dillon glanced at his watch. "Three. It starts at ten."

"I've always wondered why Dana starts her concerts so late."

"People like staying out late. I'm guessing the band likes catering to the masses. It's what I do whenever I'm on tour and what not."


He ran a hair through his thick brown hair. "I haven't been on tour for a while, though."

"Why not? You've been working on one of your movies?"

"Nah. I've some time off right now before I dive into something new. I sorta got burnt out on the whole traveling around the world thing because of my music and the constant filming. Figured I'd take some time off for now."

"Going to concerts is what you consider time off, I take it?"

Dillon chortled. "You're a piece of work, Chance. Seriously, you're like a breath of fresh air. Upfront and to the point."

I crossed my arms upon my chest. "Isn't that how most people should be?"

"Not always. Most people pussyfoot around me. You, on the other hand, keep telling it like it is."

My cheeks grew warm. "Yeah, well, this is who I am. As a well-known saying from where I'm from goes, I don't have any hairs on my tongue."

"Interesting words. You're from Puerto Rico, right?"

"Yes. A place called Barrio Calabazas in Yabucoa. My mom was born there, too. We moved to the States when I was two."

"It sounds like am interesting place."

I shrugged. "I wouldn't know. We didn't live there long enough for me to acclimate to the place."

"You can always visit the place now, I'm sure."

"Yeah, but it's not the same."

He chuckled and held a hand out in my direction. "Shall we?"

I stared at his outstretched hand. "What?"

"Wanna grab something to eat?"

My face grew hot once more. "Oh. Yeah, sure," I said, and slid my hand into his own.

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