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This is written in nobody's point of view

"So you're going to tell us if you have a girl now?" Courtney asked.

"Maannee," Melo laughed.

"Why can't y'all stay out of my business," He added.

"It's our job to be in your business," Steve said.

"Yes I have girl," Melo smirked.

"She's here right, bring her in," Courtney grinned.

"I don't think she'd like to do this interview."

"It's for the ratings, bring her in," Courtney added.

"Yo Kai come here baby!" Lamelo yelled.

"Wassup?" She answered opening the door.

"Sit and do this interview with me," Melo said.

Mekai stared at him for awhile and finally answered.

"Why though? I ain't no celebrity," she chuckled.

"You my girl so you celebrity status."

"Fine," She rolled her eyes and sat beside him.

"1,2,3 go," The director declared.

"So you're Melo's girlfriend, how did that happen?" Steve asked.

"I'm Mekai Simmons and faith I guess," Kai answered.

"She's more than just my girl, she's her own lit person that's why we're together," Melo added.

Kai looked at him and smiled.

"Thank you Melo," She said looking down nervously.

"You two are too cute," Courtney chuckled.

"You think Melo is annoying Kai?" She asked.


Melo scrunched up his face and laughed.

"I'm never annoying stop playing."

"Don't get me started on his jokes," Mekai sighed.

"Don't get me started on that forehead," Melo laughed.

"Boy your forehead too small with those damn waves," Kai chuckled.

"Looking like an redhead thug," Kai added.

"Shut up you see how she bullying me," Melo laughed out loud.

Courtney and Steve couldn't hold up with Kai's roast.

"Y'all goofy mane," Steve said.

"Who's your favorite Ball brother Kai?" Courtney asked.

Melo patted his chest confidently while he waited for Kai's response.

"Y'all already know, the best Ball Brother, my favorite.......Gelo," She giggled.

Gelo was her favorite before she actually met them, and now the two got along well.

"She's only saying that for the cameras, she knows who's her favorite," Melo rolled his eyes.

"Melo is my second favorite, oh wait my bad it's Zo," She snickered.

"You know what, I'm out this bih, my girl ain't giving me no love," Melo sighed going outside.

Kai laughed and followed him.

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