Chapter 3: Question of Identity

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'Ahh, Mrs Hudson, Is there anything I can help you with?' Perrie asks politely as she opened the door for her to lean onto the door frame.

'I just came to ask if you would like to join me for a cup of tea. I could tell you about everything you need to know about London.' Mrs Hudson replies with a shaky voice due to her cheerfulness. Of course, with Perrie starting to get bored and Mrs Hudson being extremely sweet, Perrie knew she couldn't turn down the offer.

Mrs Hudson proceeded to continue her way down to her flat whilst Perrie followed quietly.

'You do know that I have lived here in London right Mrs Hudson?' Perrie asks politely. 'Oh yes, I was just trying to find a good reason to ask you to come with me for a cuppa.' Mrs Hudson subtly replied as they reached her flat.

The kind landlady told Perrie to sit on a chair around her beautiful round table and Perrie complied.

Perrie looked around the place noticing the different touches inside the flat. She noticed even the smallest of details, but she didn't want to be the observer so, she shook her head erasing the observing thoughts.

'How was your first day?' Mrs Hudson asks reminding Perrie of her mother's voice but she shook it off.

'It was-' She stopped to think for a moment before blurting out a single word. 'Interesting.' Mrs Hudson nodded with a smile as she proceeded to place the kettle on the stove to boil the tea.

'This might be quite personal but, why did you have so many things?' Mrs Hudson asks as she sat down in front of Perrie. 'Oh, uh, all of my things are the old once I have in my old flat.' She answers with a smile. 'Do you mind me asking where you used to live?' Mrs Hudson asked another personal question but Perrie cared too little about it.

'Chicago. Mrs Hudson.' Perrie answers just as the kettle started to whistle. 'Quite a far place ent it? But seems like a great place. Why'd you decided to live here instead?'

As Mrs Hudson asked this Perrie becomes tense due to the fact that this conversation might go downhill very quickly but for her not to raise any suspicions she answered the question.
'I just thought that it could be a great idea to go back from where I came from.'

Perrie answers as Mrs Hudson placed the cuppa in front of Perrie. 'My husband used to say Chicago was a great place, there were many rich men.'

'It is quite a great place, Mrs Hudson.' Perrie replied quite relieved that Mrs Hudson didn't question her further.

The two spoke for a good 30 minutes from pets to lovers they've talked about it. At the time, Perrie felt safe around Mrs Hudson, and to her, she was like a mother. Not so long after as Mrs Hudson was washing the dishes Perrie heard the door from the outside open.

'Where are you expecting someone?' Perrie asks Mrs Hudson.

'Oh no, that might just be John, you can introduce yourself to him if you want.' Mrs Hudson replies as she continued to wash the dishes. Perrie replied a short "sure" before going out to the hall holding her unfinished glass of water she then met with a man. He was probably in his 40's due to the grey-ish tint in his hair. He was taking his jacket off as he was about to go upstairs but then he noticed Perrie.

'Um, Hello?' The man says almost confused about why a strange girl was in the building. ' Oh hi, I'm Perrie. I'll be your new neighbour.' Perrie replied as she reached her hand out to the man. 'John Watson.' The man replies by taking the lady's hand with a smile.

'I didn't hear anything about a neighbour.' John says as he lets go of Perrie's hand.
'It's probably because I just visited this morning.' Perrie responds.

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