Chapter 3: Question of Identity

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It has been a long day for Perrie. Besides the fact that on her first day she had to solve her first case, someone also knew too much.

Because of her tragic encounter with Sherlock, she asked to leave early and luckily Greg was kind enough to let her go before she got on her way to the flat she went back to the Scotland Yard to take her belongings. She rode the cab quietly after she gave the address where she could get some peace without seeing Sherlock; 221B Baker Street. She thought about the events that happened the whole day, she thought about how her past still haunts her, and she didn't like that idea. Her plan was to escape it, but instead, she came close to it.

She felt like crying to her knees, she didn't want any remnants of her past in her life know, she knew it wouldn't be possible to escape the past but she wasn't prepared on how bad it was. She felt like being under grey clouds, she felt gloomy about solving cases, but she found it hard to resist something she came to love. Time passed by quickly because as soon as she snaps out of her thoughts the cab pulled over in front of her now new flat. She paid the cabbie and went in her way. She didn't have the keys yet so she knocked on the door with the knocker.

Not so long after Mrs Hudson who was on her shower cap and gown answers the door, she told her that her things has arrived and that she has strictly followed every word Perrie said, Perrie gave Mrs. Hudson a small thank you before going back to her flat telling Mrs. Hudson that she was going to fix everything. As Perrie arrived on the third floor where her flat was, her things were all scattered around the floor, there were lamps a mattress, a fridge and more. All these things came from her old flat. She got them shipped by the people from her building on where she lived before, she sighed and opened the door widely before putting her bag down on one corner, and took her jacket putting it together with the bag. She then started her heavy work.

•3 Hours later•

She had finally finished putting up the last bookshelf and the last things to be fixed. She expected that fixing her flat would be hard but due to her lack of consciousness on reality, she fixed her flat thinking about the events that took place. She can never seem to forget it. It might sound like a little mishap but for her, it was such a big mistake. She didn't know what to feel about it. It seemed like she just made the biggest mistake of her time.

She cleaned about her apartment trying to make a plan to prevent Sherlock from saying anything that he found out. Not so long later on, she didn't realise that she just finished fixing everything because of her thoughts running loose around her pretty little head. She looked around her room and for a moment she felt quite proud of herself due to the fact that she was able to fit everything she needed on a very small flat, it wasn't that small but it was definitely smaller than her old flat.

She went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. She had to rest so she sat down on the sofa that's absolutely fixed right in front of the old wood fireplace, and her old telly. She then turned the telly on to watch some dull news. She slowly forgot about everything that's happened that she took her time to rest looking around every now and then looking for anything missing but there wasn't any so she just went with her peace.

She would also check her phone now and then but only just to be reminded that she wouldn't get those mission reminders she gets every single day.

2 hours of her just sitting down reading magazines or watching the game on the telly, and she was starting to feel quite bored, but as soon as she started to think of being bored, a knock on her door caught her attention.

She placed down her magazine on the old coffee table she had since 3 years ago and answers the door immediately.

She opened the door and Mrs Hudson was standing there still and smiling.

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