cheater 2

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The feeling of regret that lingered in my stomach, i love her ,i love y/n y/l/n. She hates me and i dont blame her to be honest. I feel dead i didnt sleep at all - im going to go to Starbucks and grabs some coffee.

I walk in setting of the bell -all eyes were set on me i looked down and made my way to the counter. "Can i have a full black americana coffee please " the worker walks of bringing my coffee "that £15 please " i hand the money over befor walking of.

I was about to walk out until someone bumped into me spilling all of their drink on me "im so sor...."she looked up "y/n" i said above a whisper "shaw...m" she said befor running of bursting into tears.

I followed her she ran to a park she sits on the swings -i go and sit next to her. "Im soo sorry y/n it was a mistake i regret it soo bad" she looked at me in disgust "why shawn i never cheated on you ever why".

"Im soo sorry really pleased forgive me i will do anything i just want you back i promise it wont happen again" y/n smiles , wait does this means she forgives me "no im sorry shawn , for believing you for trusting you loving you oh and still loving you " she shouts.

"Y/n please im begging you anything"he pleaded "shawn i will never forget what you have done and i will forgive you it may hurt but i love you but i swear shawn this is your lace chance ic you some what even look at a girl we are over ok " she says

"Ok thankyou baby " i smash my lips onto hers "y/n why does these little kids keep starring at us "i whisper "oh mabye because there are to grown ups sat in  a park on kids swings "we both started laughing.

"I love you we both say"

Hey cheater prt2 hope you like it comment what you think im sorry for the bad grammer and stuff and vote and comment muffins ly ~n ❤💚💜💙💛💙💜💚❤

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