chapter twenty-six ; bombs away!

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june. 2010

"We're gonna do... What now?" Millie asked, her mouth slightly agape and staring at Finn like he was a complete moron.

The curly haired boy sighed. "We're gonna build a car bomb and attach it to Dom's car."

Of course he was aware that what they were doing was extremely risky, but it was their only choice. They had to murder Dom and save David. Finn also knew that by killing Dom, they were ruining the entire infrastructure of their meth business but David's life was much more important than making money.

"Yo dude that's like really illegal." She voiced in a serious tone.

Finn rolled his eyes. "Cooking meth for one of the biggest druglords in the Southwest United States is also really illegal." He retorted sarcastically. Millie sighed and shrugged, realizing how dumb her logic was.

"Okay so... How do we just 'build a car bomb'?" She questioned. She didn't even know that it was possible for a couple of teens to create something as advanced as a bomb.

Finn smirked and grabbed her hand. She felt her cheeks warm up a bit at the contact. She felt rather silly for letting herself fall in love yet again after all the tragic affairs she'd been through.

"Well, first we are gonna have to go to the store and get some supplies. And then there is another part in our plan." The tall boy added. Millie cocked her head in confusion. She had no idea as to what else there could possibly be.

"You're gonna have to call the D.E.A, ask for David Harbour, and tell him that he's right about Dom Gonzalez. You'll also have to tell him where the lab is." Finn explained. Even with the explanation, Millie was still very confused. Finn could tell by the look on her face that she didn't know why he was saying those things.

He sighed. "We have to make sure that there is no possible way that any of Dom's men could retaliate against us. We have to kill him and get the lab burnt to the ground."

She didn't necessarily agree with his plan but they had to go through with it. Millie knew that Finn was very close to his uncle and couldn't simply let him die.

It was getting to the point where she would do anything for him.


Dom sat in his vehicle that was parked outside of one of his restauraunts. He knew that someone had been following him for a couple days, although he'd just realized that it was David and Robert.

He was angry at first but then he began to really think about it. It would be the perfect plan to do away with them both. All he had to do was lure them to a secluded place, and then ambush and kill them. He thought it was rather funny that they were basically on a suicide mission.

The middle aged man pulled the key out of the ignition and slowly exited the car. He looked back over to where Dom and Robert were parked. He smiled to himself, thinking that it'd only be a matter of time until they would be dead.


Finn and Millie had been shopping for around forty minutes although Finn had no idea where she was. He was in the hardware section gathing ingredients and Millie had simply vanished. Little did he know, she was in the grocery section tasting all the free samples. He was a bit annoyed that she wasn't helping but he didn't mind too much.

"Psst, Finn."

The curly haired boy turned around after hearing his name. He saw Noah standing about eleven feet away. His heart sped up a little bit when he realized that if Millie came back while Noah was there, he was going to have a very difficult time explaining her to him.

"What are you doing here?" Finn asked his cousin while scratching the back of his neck. He wasn't really in the mood for conversation. He loved Noah but he just wanted to finish shopping.

"Mom wanted me to get some chocolate ice cream." The younger boy paused and studied all the things in Finn's shopping cart. "Damn, what are you gonna do with all that stuff?" He added with a chuckle.

"I'm making a bomb." Finn answered nonchalantly. Noah laughed and patted his friend on the back.

"Well I'd better be going. I'll see ya later." And with that, the short boy walked away. Finn breathed a sigh of relief. Noah was gone and Millie hadn't came back yet.

He knew if he made up some crazy story about all the items in his cart, it could come back to haunt him. So he simply told the truth. Of course, he also knew that the truth could also hurt him in the end. But he didn't have very many options.

After a few more minutes, Millie finally showed up with a yellow box under her arm and a guilty smile on her face. She was walking towards Finn like a child that had done something bad.

"Finn, can we get these too?" She questioned, holding up the box of frozen waffles. The boy sighed and nodded his head. Millie smiled and tossed the box of waffles into the cart.

"Thanks." She said, pecking his cheek a second later. The tall boy felt his face warm up a bit. Even though they'd kissed many times

The pair then started to head toward the checkout. Whenever they got there, the cashier seemed a bit weirded out by all the strange items they were purchasing. Luckily, they didn't suspect any illegal activities and simply did their job.

Finn knew that they could probably make the bomb in a matter of hours. After that all they would have to do is attach it to Dom's car, follow him for awhile, and then detonate it at the perfect time. Obviously they couldn't simply set it off randomly. They didn't want to harm any innocent civilians.

But before they killed Dom, Millie still had to call the D.E.A and snitch on Dom and the lab. Finn wanted to put all of Dom's mess behind him so that he could focus on making a future for him and Millie.

He wanted to create an empire with her.

* * * *

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