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Jack's POV

I don't know how to start..

Mage smiled, trying to make me comfortable.

"I don't remember quite about my childhood, I don't know. Nobody ever told me why. But I remember that we used to be a happy family.. used to be. Then one day, we had a family road trip, Meise, my sister, is still in mom's womb. I am around 9 years old that time. We were laughing, and dad's dancing." I said, tears building in the end of my eyes but I still continued. "Every little thing is alright, then a ten wheeler truck ruined it. I saw blood everywhere then everything becomes blurry, the next thing I know is that I blacked out.. mom died, cause mom chose Meise than herself, that's what dad said." I said finishing my story.

"May I something?" Mage asked.

"Sure, ask whatever you want." I said deadpanned.


Mage's POV

"I know this is a little far from the topic but, why do you always wake up very early?" I asked curiously.

"It hunts me in my sleep.." Jack said bluntly.

"I also remember, the garden full of flowers.. is-" I said but Jack cut in.

"It's mom's." Jack said.

"Oh sorry." I said a little low.

"No, I don't want pity." Jack said sternly but I hugged him.

"You know, I have questions in my head that need answers." Jack said hugging me back while crying.

"I look gay, crying myself to you." Jack said chuckling bitter while pulling away.

"No, you don't look gay. Just because you're crying, doesn't mean that you're weak. It means that you're human. Do you really want answers?" I asked looking straight to his eyes.

"I know what you're thinking. No, definitely no." He said while shaking his head.

"Why don't you want to ask your dad?" I asked curiously.

"Cause I hate him." Jack said.

"No, you don't hate him Jack. You're just mad right now. Why are you mad at him in the first place?" I asked and he froze.

"Can we just skip this topic first. Talking about my mother's death is already too much." Jack said.

"Okay. I'm sorry Jack." I said.

"Come on, let's sleep. We'll wake up early tomorrow.." Jack said while smiling. But his smile is empty. I could've avoid that topic, stupid Mage.. I nodded and then we prepared ourselves to sleep.

"Hey Jack." I said while facing him but he is facing the other side.

"Jack......" I said while peeking on his face but he covered it.

"What now?" He asked, chuckling while facing me.

"Let's go back to our paradise." I said while smiling excitedly.

"Yeah. Just a couple more days." Jack said, not sounding excited.

"Okay, 2-3 days eh? Hm, why don't you sound excited?" I asked while frowning like a kid.

"I'm scared to be alone with you." Jack said teasingly.

I slapped his arm, hard, earning a scowl from him.

"You-you're face!" I said while laughing loud.

"It hurts." He said while acting hurt.

"It doesn't suit you Jack. It's weird but you look like an evil pumpkin. I don't know it just popped into my head." I said still chuckling.

"Evil pumpkin? Really, Mage?" He said looking at me weirdly.

"Yeah." I said and he laughed.

"Why? Is there something on my face?" I asked touching my face for examination.

"You loo-look like dory." He said in between laughs.

"Who the hell is Dory?" I asked.

"Finding nemo." He said trying to hold his laugh.

"I do not. You have a weird imagination buddy." I said while patting his head.

"It's because I am spending too much time with you." He said.

We're weird, just earlier, we're crying and pouting and now we're just laughing our asses off. We just spend our time laughing and teasing each other until we both fell into deep slumber.