Maybe They'll Leave You Alone But Not Me

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  I'm at work tonight, and being honest I'm not to happy about it. I hear the music start playing, and I know it's my cue to go on. Instead of playing my usual song they play Hey Mama and I'm fucking sick of that song. I mean it's the DISTO remix so it makes it a little better, but still. Taking a deep breath, I walk out on stage, hearing the jeers and wolf whistles of men old enough to be my father.

Beating the drum like dum-da-de-day
I like the dirty rhythm you play


When I wake up in the morning, I feel Dan curled up in my arms. Apparently I didn't wake up when he came in. Maybe I just woke up briefly? I feel bad though cause I always ask him questions.

"I just got home like 20 minutes ago Phil, don't feel bad." He laughs, turning over to face me.

"How was work?" I mumble, stretching slightly.

"Pretty busy, I had like 4 people offer to buy me a drink. The whole time I was like 'I'm engaged but thanks for your offer' apparently people at this bar flirt with strippers." He jokes.

"Hey we met by me flirting with a stripper." I point out.

"You were very ballsy I'll give you that."

"See we all have strange ways of meeting."

   He mumbles something that sounds like a, "fair point" while burying his head in my chest. We both fall asleep sometime shortly after.

When I wake up in the morning, I see Dan still fast asleep. Looking at my phone it's only 9am, so he shouldn't be up for another hour. As I go to get up, I feel a hand grab my shirt.

    "I wanna cuddle, it's Sunday we have nothing to do." He whines.

I laugh softly as I comply, laying back down, and letting Dan snuggle up at my side. As he starts to go back to sleep, I lay there with him, not moving an inch. I begin to admire the younger boy in my arms, the way his hair curls messily. The way his bare chest rises and falls, or the way his face is at peace.

     "Philll." He mumbles tiredly.

     "Yes, love?" I ask quietly.

        "I love you." He says but the love sounding more like 'wuve'.

       "I love you too, I'm going to make breakfast. What do you want?"

      "You to stay here, but I'll have cereal." Dan says groggily, while slowly climbing out of bed.

    As he runs his hands through the mess of curls on his head, I smile a bit as I see the engagement ring. I'm gonna marry him.. wow. How did I actually get here? I went from an abusive relationship to an amazing one, with a person who I love more than anyone else.

    "Phil.. I was thinking about getting a tattoo. Any suggestions?" He asks hesitantly.

     "Where is the tattoo going?" I question, while pouring cereal.

"Both of my arms, I want to cover up the scars." He shifts his weight awkwardly as I pass him a bowl of cereal.

"Get flowers on one arm, and an anchor on the other. I mean it sounds cool." I shrug, trying to think of tattoos.

Me with a couple tattoos, and a whole arm sleeve. I mean I should be full of ideas, but I'm not. We sit at the table, and I watch Dan slowly eat his cereal. It takes him a while but it's okay.

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