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@RileyTomlinson: @SelenaGomez, the message you wrote made me understand that we need to forgive people even when the hill is just rough and even when we just can't get along properly. It was absolutely amazing to read the message of yours! It made me finally sigh happily. Louis has already forgiven you and me and little beth too, of course we can start things over again and be fresh once more! I don't really remember if I was rude or not, but if I was I'm also so sorry I should've acted harshly back. No more drama. No more secret feelings. And no more hate. Friendship, that's all we need. And of course you can come and see Bethany anytime!  xx


@sty.les: never knew there will be a happy ending between these two.

@litriley: they both dated the same person and yet their friends.

@rileypiley: finally!

@selenahhh: remember the competition they had ages ago? omg.

@selenasfans: ^^ yeh!

@SelenaGomez: can't wait to come over! 

@harryandriley: bet harry told to selena to talk to riley.


few more chapters until this book ends!


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